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Discord Nerfed

Your name: Aspire

Staff member who nerfed you: Awestruck I think

Reason why you should be un-nerfed:

It has been over 72hours since I was nerfed.
Feels more like a ban to not be able to speak for nearly 4 days.

I understand the point of nerfs, they are not designed to be given for a long period, in that instance I think a ban should be given.

I've learnt my lesson, I was simply writing TEAM SMEXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Something I feel strongly in promoting, I will now not promote it.

I apologise and would like to request to be un-nerfed, I am writing this as awestruck has ignored my messages for the past 3-4 days.

I hope you reply to this soon, before legal action is taken.

Yours sincerely,

Discord Expire

Sure you will be un-nerfed.
Your threat of legal action has me shaking in my boots.

Kind Regards,
Developer x Administrator

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