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Staff Report: Awestruck
Hello Brikaas,

I am incredibly sorry as to your staff report not having any conclusions over the last 3 weeks, I've been busy with uni work as my final exams are coming up, I've been discussing the possibility of a new map with the team, sorting out promotions, alongside a plethora of other internal business. Next time, I will try to put anything you put on the courthouse that involves me at the top of my list.

For the backseat administration, it is quite literal that. You are using commands otherwise inaccessible by a normal player by using no-clip and esp. The only thing you don't have access to is dishing out punishments. As for the ESP, this tool could easily allow you to target certain players you may particularly dislike, or even stalk admins activities, when they are meant to be hidden from your view. Enabling ESP was quite clearly blacklisted from normal players for a reason and so the same goes for your use of the demo. Not to mention that you may be capable of using it on the fly to see peoples locations in situations such as raids, etc.

As for Awestruck acting immature in your warning, you were told not to use it, it was not him asking. By doing so you directly went against a staff members decision and so the warning was fully justified. As I've already stated in my previous statement, bringing attention to this sort of demo is certainly not on our agenda, quite the opposite in fact - However you have forced us to address it in this AA of yours.

In conclusion, you are still restricted from using the demo and no abuse has been noted.

Case closed.
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