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Unblacklist request
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Babatunde Emfwefwe
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BRA (86269) - Invalid job title to kill a Police Officer | RDM
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OK let me just start off by saying what CHAV stands for - Council Housing and Violent. Keyword, VIOLENT. The reason it had McDonald's in front of it was because I was robbing people in John Jong's McDonald's. I was running away from a lot of police after I had committed a lot of robberies so the cops where all after me. If you've ever been down to South London you will know that loads of murders and shootings are done by Chavs, especially when police are killed. Ross Kemp did a documentary about it and they were shown to have Katanas, Mac 11's, Glocks etc... I had no Kevlar or unrealistically heavy weaponry (just a vanilla player model and mac 10) so I still do not understand why I cannot kill a cop with the job title McDonald's Chav, especially seeing as though the new rules don't allow me to put Criminal in my job name. The detailed reason for it all starting was because an officer opened fire on me earlier after he saw me with a knife and Mac 10 at McDonald's, from there a heavy police chase involving 3 other policemen started. I only got out my car and fired at the officer cos there were too many other policemen to deal with and it would ruin my hiding plan. (I would also just like to say he told other officers on the radio my location after I had killed him).
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Concluding notes

I will below, in depth break down what a chav is and why it was invalid for your roleplay:

General definition of chav
[Image: pp6QjQH.png]

Behavioural traits defined
[Image: zCUZTrc.png]


[Image: hMD3NoI.png]
Although aggressive, the orange highlights that the aggression is more verbal etc.

On FL we are promoting job titles to be in more detail, so something that would have worked better is a local gang name or Local Thief.
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