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thomassilk22's UBLRs
- - Please note that apart from this, this post has been written by thomassilk22. Everything below this is from him - -

Your name: thomassilk22

Your blacklist ID: 98292 // 98293 // 98294 // 98295 // 98296 // 98297

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:241665226


Intentional CDM
Attempted RDM
Proppushing (across 3 blacklists)
Spamming allcaps in OOC, warned.

Staff member who blacklisted you: [FL] Janzo

Reason why you should be unblacklisted:

Hello, it has been a while since these blacklists were issued, and after a while of consideration, I would like to appeal my ongoing blacklists. Before I explain why I want to appeal these blacklists, I would like to apologise for the harm and mayhem I caused that lead to these blacklists, they were a way of venting my frustrations at the time, and although that is not a reason for this appeal, it does not show the type of person I am and is dampening my enjoyment of FearlessRP, I ask for forgiveness and hope that these blacklists can be removed so I can fully enjoy FearlessRP again.

98929 - The incident that lead up to this one was that I was fighting with my brother and to relieve some stress, decided to run over some people, I do this a lot with some friends on our private server. I deeply apologise for my actions and seek an unblacklist here as it restricts me on FearlessRP.

98293 - This happened shortly after the CDMing. In which I believe I started shooting for one reason or another. I was not attempting to RDM, more to just scare some of the nearby civilians. I, again, seek forgiveness and wish for this to be lifted as it, again, restricts me (greatly) on FearlessRP.

98294 / 98295 / 98296 - This one I'm appealing due to the fact that it does not show the type of person I can be. With this blacklist in place, I cannot build anything for a potential RP I might do, I have a few good RP ideas that can only be done with access to props, entities and my physics gun. I don't recall the situation that led to this, but whatever I did, I apologise for that greatly.

98297 - This was simply stupid of me, to try to use OOC with my broken caps lock key, but I decided to do it regardless. As mentioned previously, I was fighting with my brother, and in the midst of such a fight, he knocked my computer off my bed, causing a few buttons to jam or break. I took to OOC, out of frustration at the time, and continued to use it with all caps on without knowing what that would lead to. There was no alternative at the time and for this rule infraction I apologise and hope this blacklist can be lifted as it once again does not show the type of person I am.

Thank you for reading and I hope you take my regret for my actions into account.

- thomassilk22
[Image: YGvfDNp.png]

Kind Regards
Fearless Donator
Requesting automatic approval as governed by Unblacklist Request Rule #6.

Thank you.
[Image: YGvfDNp.png]

Kind Regards
Fearless Donator
Approved by
UBR rule 6.

Blacklists will be removed from record.
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