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forgee ubuse.
Username: Co0FiE

Accused Staff Member: [FL:T] Forgee

Involved Users:
  • - Ethan Bradberry, Corleones at the time
Time/Date/Time Zone: 22:00+/20/02/18/Amsterdam( CET +1).

Abuse of Power or Rule Infringement: Allowing someone to break the rules soley because they are admin

Evidence and Explanation:

To start off with, we were normal corleones contra farming as we do. Suddenly we get a call from the Don saying there is a raid occurring so we defend ourselves killing everyone in the raid. Ethan Bradberry was one of the Officers that died during this raid and we acknowledged this. Before his NLR was over, he came back breaching rule 3.1 (Follow NLR (New Life Rule). If you die, you forget how you died.) so we just thought it was just another officer responding to the raid and we wanted to defend ourselves, so we kill him again in the train station.  In the meantime during the close fight, we saw his name "Ethan Bradberry" or something like that so we called an admin for NLR breakage and Forgee is the one to respond. In the admin situation, we explain the situation to him but he turns around and says "it was a small mistake" and doesn't punish him. Not to mention and point out the obvious, Ethan Bradberry has over 2000 hours and should know a lot better.

He then tells us that we only want him banned because we do not like him and as an admin, if someone clearly breaches the rules and they know about it, the person should be punished.

Thank you all for reading this

I cannot reply with further information due to me being on vacation tomorrow, but everything that has been needed for this Abuse Case has been stated from Ethan returning back to a raid and Forgee letting him off for reason "Small mistake". Thank you!
Hi CoOFiE,

Ethan had died between him raiding you and him returning thus resetting his NLR timer and making it hard for him to gauge how long he had left on it.
He broke NLR by what seemed to be 1 minute which in my opinion, Even though breaking the rules seemed too minor to issue a ban/blacklist. I spoke to Ethan and told him to be more careful when it came to NLR and to leave it longer than 15 minutes just to be sure.
I didn't believe it would be suitable to punish Ethan for something so minor so I believed that he would be better suited to a warning.
Fearless Administrator

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Personally I feel like you are harassing me, you are going to extreme lengths to attempt get me a larger punishment for something incredibly minor. It was NLR breakage, by 1 minute. This was due to dying in-between, thus resetting my NLR timer. I tried to time it using my phone, but we're only human after all, right?

Admins warning people for rule breakage happens all the time, for new people and incredibly minor rule breakage - There is no abuse here. CoOFiE, i'll ask a question again which you avoided in the sit - Would you like to be punished over 1 minute?

Forgee never allowed me to break the rule, he warned me for the rule breakage. I never asked him to give me a lighter punishment, there is no corruption or bias here.

Have a nice vacation.
Forgee had dealt with the situation and pulled Ethan away to avoid any further NLR breakage. This does not mean Forgee abused his powers as an Administrator.

No abuse noted.
Kind Regards,
Supervising Administrator

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