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Below I am going to show you what goes into creating a long, in-depth set of laws that some may put to good use. It takes time to create and has to be added to over time, however for the users that intend to work on in-depth president RP, this is another step closer.

How long will it take?
Law scripts of around 100+ laws will take around an hour to perfect, including checking your spellings, you don't have any duplicate laws, etc. Anything 150+ Could take around 1hr. 30 to 2 hours depending on how much thought you put into the laws, spell check, check against your other laws, etc. Anything 200+ you're looking at 2hr. 30+ as there is much thought that is required for this, coming up with some probably unnessaccary laws.

What are the first steps?
When creating a set of laws, you need to aim to go through the base categories for laws;
1. Weapons
2. Cars
3. Properties
4. Misc section
These four sections are the base of any laws as they are the ones which are enforced the most, and the ones that users are going to read first over any other set of laws as they effect the way a user is going to roleplay. The first three sections should generally be towards the top of a law set (If you have 100+ laws) as users do not want to have to scroll through the law list to find the laws they need. They want to be able to open the law list and have everything right in front of them.

What about other sections?
Any other section is generally there to simply create more RP, or more laws. Example: My DVLA section is in place to create more RP for users when they are driving, and for anyone to which is enforcing the laws adding more realism so that officers can pull over for something that they would (IRL) know as against the law. | My Religions section is simply there to create more laws. We create more laws to help show knowledge, and to also show regulation over users - Although some of these laws block certain RP's from normally happen, what it means is that in the case of one arrising, instead of making you look unprepared by not having the laws in place, you're ready for the situation giving officers the option to respond rather than almost be forced to simply look away.

Why should I bother writing so many laws?
The reason behind it is fairly simple. When an officer goes to arrest someone, the only thing they ever hear is "That's not against the law, so you can't arrest me for it" which is true! Therefore, by writing this many laws, it covers almost all situations that would normally be against the law. By us writing the laws that would be in place normally, it generally removes the need for people to read the laws, however as many do not bother to write a lot of laws they can say "It's not in the laws" whereas if you take the time to, it is there and they can get used to the fact that it is a "normal" law.

I don't want to be raided!
By writing all of the laws in-depth covering most situations, it removes the chance of a corrupt officer coming into play which then backlashes on you. Also by writing these laws it puts a lot of peoples trust in you and because you have spent time in writing these laws, you are not going to want to instantly remove then and therefore you personally have less chance going Dictator, in turn resulting in a raid.
Criminals are very good at finding loopholes in law sets of 40 or so as they do not go into the detail required to prevent the criminals. For example, by simply stating in your laws area's that class as "Trespassing", it removes the criminal being able to abuse a loophole in order to get down to the garage through the nexus slope as many would argue that the nexus slope isn't inside the nexus and therefore does not come under the permanent law of passing the nexus desk.

What if my law conflicts with a permanent law?
Permanent laws are obviously (By the rules) not to be gone against. One thing that is not mentioned in the rules and one thing that you can get away with is altering the permanent laws slightly in your own laws (ONLY CERTAIN ONES - Contraband would not be able to be altered). Due to the trespassing, weapon, and vehicle laws in the permanent laws being very vague and not giving much information, it means that they can be changed slightly to inform players better. For example, the trespassing law like I mentioned above.

I want to make money!
There is nothing wrong with 20% taxes and it is rare that anyone complains, meaning this is one way. As we are talking about laws, there is another way. Licences.
Licences are a touchy subject if they are enforced in the right way among citizens it can be an effective way of sutily making money. Users never purchase licesnces if they are expensive, so if you want people to purchase licences they need to be of a moderate price that would seem realistic to real life. For example, a drivers licence costing only $50. Short term this is nothing, however over the long run, the more users purchasing this $50 licence adds up nice and quickly. Licences that are generally purchased are vehicle licences, weapon licences at different classes, casinos, businesses. Of course any type of licence is possible, it is however the issue of enforcing them and then also writing the set of laws with them requiring a licence having to have thought put into it rather than just putting out as many as possible. It is also best not to have too many licences as they then begin to conflict, meaning users spend more and more money which is not appealing to them.
Another way to get users to purchase licences is to offer permanent licences (Like myself, to which I currently only do) and this can be done through writing up a law script. Each time a user purchases a licence, add them to this law script in order for their licence to show up each time. - It is always best to keep a backup of your law script.
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Very helpful set of tips here for creating new rules. Thanks!
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