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My Apology please forgive me - Askasta
Your name: Askasta

Your SteamID: [b]STEAM_0:0:82185287[/b]

Your ban ID: [b]60059[/b]

Banned by: [FL] Temar - He a Veteran now plus i belive this is the owner of the another CityRp

Reason: FearRp, 14th Ban given last chance few bans ago

Involved: /

[b]I Would like to ask for forgiveness. I Played and was a community member very long in this community even in the time when there was only 1 CityRP Server.[/b]
i was really childrish at the time i was a community member in this community. I often broke rules and never learned from my mistakes wich lead to me being Permabanned. After that incident happend i saw that Fearless started a programm and forgive people who had a perm ban when they applied. I Applied way to late wich caused my Unbann request to get denied. I Belive 2 years or even more then 2 years passed between this post and my unbann request. I've changed in that time period i got out of my childrish phase and became more serously. Im still a child but im not that stupid anymore like i was before breaking rules 24/7 then learning not from my mistakes. I Would like to join back this community because when i scrolled through my screenshots it brought back the good old golden memorys wich motivated me to start playing CityRP. I know there is another community but i have a low end PC and i lag on the map they use and i really love EvoCity. I Ask once again for forgiveness and for chance. I will try my best to not disapoint the Admin who is going to judge my Unbann request.

[b]Thanks for reading.[/b]

[b](Edit fixed dumb grammer mistakes and added more detail)[/b]

[b]Was told to post here by this admin[/b]
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Hi Askasta, I will try to get a comment from Temar about this ban.

Your patience is much appreciated.
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Thanks, I Understand this is time consuming due to happend way back in the past and Temar is probaly a very busy man !
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Concluding notes

Me and the team have decided to accept your UBR on the condition that you stay on your final chance due to the amount of bans you amounted in the past. Your last chance can be appealed in 6 months to have it removed, until then please value this second chance and have a read over the rules to ensure you don't make the same mistakes.

Happy RP'ing!
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