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My Apology please forgive me - Askasta
Your name: Askasta

Your SteamID: [b]STEAM_0:0:82185287[/b]

Your ban ID: [b]60059[/b]

Banned by: [FL] Temar - He a Veteran now plus i belive this is the owner of the another CityRp

Reason: FearRp, 14th Ban given last chance few bans ago

Involved: /

[b]I Would like to ask for forgiveness. I Played and was a community member very long in this community even in the time when there was only 1 CityRP Server.[/b]
i was really childrish at the time i was a community member in this community. I often broke rules and never learned from my mistakes wich lead to me being Permabanned. After that incident happend i saw that Fearless started a programm and forgive people who had a perm ban when they applied. I Applied way to late wich caused my Unbann request to get denied. I Belive 2 years or even more then 2 years passed between this post and my unbann request. I've changed in that time period i got out of my childrish phase and became more serously. Im still a child but im not that stupid anymore like i was before breaking rules 24/7 then learning not from my mistakes. I Would like to join back this community because when i scrolled through my screenshots it brought back the good old golden memorys wich motivated me to start playing CityRP. I know there is another community but i have a low end PC and i lag on the map they use and i really love EvoCity. I Ask once again for forgiveness and for chance. I will try my best to not disapoint the Admin who is going to judge my Unbann request.

[b]Thanks for reading.[/b]

[b](Edit fixed dumb grammer mistakes and added more detail)[/b]

[b]Was told to post here by this admin[/b]
[Image: FExLC7F.png]


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