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Kyle's UBR
Your name: Kyle ([FL:RP] Kyle)

Your blacklist ID: 6339

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:20139216

Reason: CDM

Staff member who blacklisted you: [FL] Temar

Reason why you should be unblacklisted: This issue was 3-4 years ago. I have a clean record apart from this one blacklist. It was so long ago my steam account was in my dads name. I never meant to run over anyone and at that time I didn't know any better and I had little hours on the server, 4 years later I look back and want a clean record on the community for my own good, this one blacklist is in the way.
I've been a player of Fearless for many years and since that blacklist have had no warnings, bans or blacklists from any staff member. I request this blacklist get lifted as it was years ago and I kind of want a clean record.

I hope you consider this blacklist to be removed as it was in the later 2014's/2015's
4 years later I've learnt my lesson, I guess, Thanks.
Hey Kyle,

The blacklist was valid. Do you have evidence to prove it wasn't? We all want clean records, but the whole point of the record is to prove wrongdoing in the past.

Unless you have evidence proving you innocent of this, there is nothing I can do.
Kind Regards,
Supervising Administrator

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Due to this issue being so long ago, I do not have any evidence of this situation. I do not keep files from 2014 on my computer, infact, I got a new computer ages ago and lost all data.
Kind Regards,
Supervising Administrator

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