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Donlad Trump Say's "shithole"
god above this is a fuckin shithole of a thread
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@juicyorange You clearly don't know much about the Holocaust from reading your comments. Obviously Nazi Germany has installed puppet governments otherwise it would be unwise for them not to do so as there would be a continuation of conflict and casualties in German side.

"and yes I will act offended because you don't have a right to slander those people who fought for the freedom of their countries by claiming they are responsible for the holocaust."

While Nazi Germany did invade and occupy European nations but that doesn't change the fact that they're still guilty in collaboration, at the end of day when France or any other European nation that deported countless of Jews, Homosexuals, Gypsies and etc to the Nazis which they all ended up being in the transports in route to extermination camps, they're all guilty and are indeed responsible for their actions. 
It's like saying that I'm not guilty for collaborating with a murderer that will reward me by lock picking into his or her victim's house by saying "I didn't murder anybody! It was the murderer! I'm not responsible!". But obviously I collaborated with the murderer by lock picking the entrance to the victim's house for a reward, I have taken part in the murder case. Same story for the collaborating countries in the holocaust, their reasons for collaboration were interests.
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I prefer to refer to US as a development country when it comes to education, health care and other services
he isnt wrong
I find it funny how people are getting so worked up about what he said. The fact that people care so much is the issue, the presidential office holds way to much power, if I could choose trumps job would just to make sure america isn't attacked and then leave all other duties to a community level
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Rip Trump 2018
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(02-12-2018, 07:02 PM)Predator! Wrote: Rip Trump 2018

pretty sure he is alive, and nobody cares about what he even said apart from a bunch of triggered liberal unicorns.
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Jesus how is this still news, I didnt read any of the posts but im guessing past the first page everything is just rant about dumbshit
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I do not really like him as a person or his politics at all. He is a man without manners and he is very unprofessional in his performances. I don't know how the president of the US can act like the way he does in media and the is very weird for me to see his "word war" with North Korea. It could have been done totally differently and in a professional way but overall shouldn't have happened at all. 

Just my personal opinion.
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