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[$1MIL PRIZE] Miss Evocity 2018
[Image: YIlW6Q5.png]
[Image: L5UL9h1.png]

7 lucky ladies have been chosen for Miss Evocity 2018 by Bentley Productions executives, but who will take away the prize and the crown?

1.) Peda Pablo (Dobbs)
2.) Madam Wong (Sam Hyde)
3.) Pebela Si (GHOSTK1LL3R)
4.) Kelly Turner (Horseman)
5.) Ellen Payne (Lewwings)
6.) Chantelle Demi-Leigh (Timetiger6
7.) Sophie Christie (Exotic)

Thank you for so much for the pure amount of love we have recieved since announcing our return, we hope to live up to your expectations! We couldn't accept everyone, but those who have missed out this year still have a chance to fill in, if a situation arises where a contestant can't make it to the show.

Contestants! Please note that your talent should be under 4 minutes long.
To prepare your talent dupe (if you need one) use the public dupes folder on the build server.
It contains a dupe called 'miss2018talent' which outlines the stage for you so you know where to build.
You will be contacted personally on Steam for a short interview. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

With this comes exciting news, those who come in second and third place will each get their own prize, with $200,000 in second and $100,000 in third place. But don't settle for less! Get those tummies tucked and lips filled and claw your way to the top!

In other news, Johnny D King (Tomo) has unfortunately dropped out from his position as a judge, after receiving injuries to his lower abdomen from an intense workout session, however one of his stars is taking his place. Lindsey Stafford (RockDude69) will be the third judge in the competition and she has this to say for the lucky ladies 'The winner gets a free flick the bean session with Lindsey.'

[Image: hhANfBB.png]

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