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[FL] Jonas
(12-20-2017, 09:56 PM)Random Wrote: I feel like this is crucial information to thr case, and might change the conclusion.

Rat is being really hypocritical in this AA. Rat himself has stated on multiple occasions that he will "send people packets" and has even sent links to me, amongst his (ex) friends that let him obtain their IP's.

If you don't find this information useful, feel free to warn me.
Random is not related to the case of Jonas removing the thread.

On top of that, saying that "I would send packets" using anecdotal evidence is also not as far as sending a malicious link.
I have investigated all the statements made on this thread and I have come to a conclusion.

The original point made as I previously stated was not abuse due to the forum rules, however he should have been more informative as to the reason why he deleted it with you. He did however act unprofessional and hostile with the comments he made on your profile and so for this he will be receiving a warning for his actions, staff members should put personal feelings aside and care for all community members equally no matter their history or thoughts on the person. Although Jonas is no longer a staff member here it will stay on his record for future reference if it is ever required.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention Ratatoskrr.

Case closed
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