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The Floorball Palace
(11-12-2019, 12:12 AM)S!RNARC Wrote:
(11-11-2019, 11:47 PM)RiNO Wrote:
(11-11-2019, 09:05 PM)S!RNARC Wrote: it used to be so weird playing this after being on the ice with a puck
was still good tho

 Have you played Hockey and Floorball narc?

played hockey in a team
and casually a few times floorball

I suffered from a horrible injury so I had to quit hockey though, I cut my finger on a piece of paper

real shit tho, was gonna transfer but I decided not to, so just quit

  Nice! unlucky that you had to quit because of an injury

+REP me!
isnt it a rule that says keep the racket under your knees? theese people swinging them like its fucking golf in theese vids
[Image: 1zj9ihM.png?1]
The rules have changed under the years, But at the moment is it, that if no one is "close" to you. Then you are allowed to have as I high as you want.

+REP me!
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Thought the title said football, disappointed.
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