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Our Hotel RP
Our Minnesota Hotel Roleplay

Me and my lovely colleague Jessica decided to open our own Hotel this afternoon! With past experience working in a hotel we both came together, got a loan from the back and opened our own. All was well, we started construction on the restaurant, then moved onto the reception, rooms and finally our staff room/manager's officer for myself.

We interviewed a few citizens who were in need of a job, and only the best got picked. We had a total of 6 rooms, ranging from lower paid citizens to the rich Citizen. Rooms suited for all.
Rooms at our hotel were at a semi-good price. Some rooms bigger than others, and others small with little or no space.

(Sadly our RP was ruined when Finn left the game, We had prop killers, prop spammers, prop minges, minges in general and Failrp all round the server, Reports are currently being made by people who took screenshots.)

Apart from that I am so happy with how the roleplay turned out and pictures will be posted below.

[Image: 7EB34EBB95AFC50F619691BF84ECA0B1C73E1587]
[Image: 323BA2F1DF7702A5652A19957D5F4FB030D2901E]
[Image: 378DAF565E3D10901B2101C73F909C5FC2F3C3A4]

Thanks all that took part and tried to Roleplay with everything else going on
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Next time you can use /hud command before taking photos, it will make you look more professional. Seems like you've done a wonderful job, keep it up!
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Looks great, I love the Detail!
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Yeah great RP ingame aswell! Keep it up
Zona | Michael Shelby
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Great use of the Minnesota building I have hardly seen any dupes in there before!
[Image: IFIVHXo.png]

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Looks brilliant man! Its nice to see this building being used!
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Looks great!
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