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[Unofficial] Evo Trans
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Today I will be announcing the new application format! Me and BasicallyMental decided to change it to keep this thread clear, please send me a PM with the given template if you want to apply for Evo Trans. 
Thanks for reading,
King(Charles Martinez)-Contract Manager
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Today the recruitment for the clan is going to be closed so that we have a chance to go over our recruitment process, and make any required changes, both to procedures and members.
In light of the reform on recruitment, we are adding an additional T/C to our member application:
5. If a member becomes inactive from the server/clan, a disciplinary will be put in place.

Applications will be closed for around 6 hours while we change a few things!

Harry Walshie | C.E.O
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Hello the person who wants to read my post,
So today I am bringing you sad news. I was really enjoyed to work here as a contracts managers, we have signed lots of contracts with big-small companies but I guess thats the end of the story for me. I am resigning from my current position and wish my team friends best of luck with their company. They all working hard and I hope they will keep it like that. Especially I would like to thanks Mr Walshire for hiring me and being a great friend, I enjoyed managing clan with him but I guess thats the end as I said, Charles is out of town...
Charles Martinez-Ex - Contracts Manager

[Image: 27737a94b679e8194b3399ea6aa8b6e0.png]
Recruitment re-opened by the way you can apply from the website which will be informed soon.
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Today, I am having to bring some sad news.
Due to some things IRL, I have not had time for this clan and has therefore fallen apart. - As these things IRL were temp it means I have more time for clan activity, but this will be for another, new clan. I have lost interest in this clan, as have the members due to the little to do.
All members of which are currently apart of this clan may request a transfer to the new one once it has been made, through PM. The new clan will be a lot more active with as nice a thread, but with a little more organisation to it so that people know what is happening such as what days training will be on (Spoiler), etc.

Thank you for the people that served and put in time, and thank you to Killjoy for trying to scam me Smile

Harry Walshie | Ex-C.E.O

** He pulls the paper in front of him, and signs away the company **
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Clan Closed as per Request of the Owner.
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