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Going on different path
Ugh.. another one
We‘ll miss you so much!
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Come back baby...
[Image: IFIVHXo.png]

Thanks for everything you've done for FL over the years! Shame we won't ever get to see some of the cool things you've been working on more recently, but best of luck with whatever you do next!

See ya!
[Image: 5kJXuUY.png]
Take care dark.
[Image: ETQjSgL.jpg]
Made by Me
Thank you for all your amazing with. Yoi and your contribution to Fearless has given be a better Roleplay experience then most roleplay servers. 

I agree with you when it comes to development and it's taking a long time between each commit in the changelog aswell. 

I wish you everything well for the future and good luck in life. I would love to see you ingame sometime if you don't loose interest in gmod. 

Thank you
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Thank you alot for your work and dedication to FL.
Take care.
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We thank you for your dedication and effort. You were a great asset alongside Devon.

Kind Regards,
Supervising Administrator

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Do u even code bro ?

Good luck with whatever it is you choose to do. I’m sure your not miss FL too much

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