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[FL] Jonas
Username: J O R D Y

Accused Staff Member: [FL] Jonas

Involved Users:

  • - Jonas and I
Time/Date/Time Zone:

Abuse of Power or Rule Infringement: 4.1 Do not kill people randomly (RDM); only kill with a valid roleplay reason, for example protecting your property during a raid, killing when your demands are not honoured as Corleone, etc. Violence should always be the last option.

Evidence and Explanation:

Okay so nobody apart from Jonas was involved in this so if any ACE Industries members reply and say they were they are not.

The server had restarted so I decided to go corleone and do some roleplay at the farms when I got there jonas was spawning the ACE dupe I got there as it was spawned but decided to run through because I wanted to still buy a house and I definately knew Jonas could not buy all the doors in that space of time.

As the video will show Jonas jumped out his car and did not say a word and after around 3-5 seconds of running he decides to shoot me for no reason whatsoever. I did not pose a threat nor did I have a weapon.

Jonas did not roleplay the situation at all and decided to be trigger happy and kill me. The rule above stats Violence should be last option and as far as I am aware KOS is not allowed.



Video below

Also below is a video of which I got somebody blacklisted for the same situation.

If this guy gets blacklisted for the video below why is an admin allowed to do what is shown above.

[Image: 9266e35cc23858d89d2bab0aad2ae526.png]

read what yonno states above

May I also add some evidence below of Jonas lying about the situation too, he states he screamed at me to stop but I might of been out of the voice distance. I was clearly in voice distance although he states otherwise:

[Image: Qq1zhrX.png]

[Image: a40f36c4e5c3e0dda568c75b661b8dc1.png]

You can watch on the video and listen where my position is and when he gets out the car. I am well in distance to hear him. This is just striaght up lying because he knows he has done wrong.

[Image: 8fec1e13e6635854245b6797c33f0ae4.png]
[Image: kkf9Dtf.png]

Kinds Regards
Community Member
Hello, Jordy,

We’ve already spoken on steam, however I will try to include as much information about this situation as possible. The server crashed before this incident, that is when you, and your clan Combat 17 raid-baited us, ACE Industries. You had threatened us with a note, saying something along the lines of “We’re declaring a shootout”. We even warned you multiple times not to enter the base because you, several times attempted to enter our military base. I’d like to point out that it does seem to me like FailRP to run into a big military base where you knew we were. You ran past a lot of military personnel as well as a sentry turret and a lot of APC’s. You were the Don Corleone, and now ask yourself, would this not be considered FailRP?. You’re a criminal, should you not be keeping a low profile, and not running into a highly secure military base.

I’d also like to point out that if you go around 10 seconds into the video, you can easily hear how you went the Don Corleone job solely in an attempt of buying a property to ruin our RP after the crash.

You can see in the video that you ran towards my black suburban from the base, why did you proceed to go into the military base, as you saw someone coming your way? I stopped because I was very close to running you over, but as I got out I got stuck in the sandbags, and obviously I had to just very quickly get myself out of there. I did scream “stop”, however you continued, that is where you were too far away from me, and that is what I meant. I shot after you because I felt that you did hear it and just proceeded to run away. I will be honest though, I had expected you to run around the house, so when you came from the corner, I had a panic reaction and then I just pulled the trigger. I did not mean to kill you, that was a pure mistake.

You should also know that, from the previous session, you should not trespass the base. I’ve already said this once, we warned you multiple times about entering our base, and yet you continued your raid-baiting. You even went as far as to call the police on us. I’m not entirely sure why, but I know that it was really uncalled for.

I’ve also seen the video you provided with Yonno blacklisting someone else, that you also did trespass in his apartment. I said however, my intentions were never to kill you, it was to make you stop running from me.

[Image: H5wVLz1.gif]

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This isn't about what I've done, evidence is there not wasting my time arguing lets let the super admins decide.
[Image: kkf9Dtf.png]

Kinds Regards
Community Member
You have provided the evidence and I have stated my side on the situation, however, you have also put some evidence against yourself, so yes. Let's leave this to the Super-Admins to decide.

Just because you provided evidence does not mean you're innocent. You have provided proof against yourself as well as me.
[Image: H5wVLz1.gif]

Think i helped you out? rep me here!
This isn't a report on myself if you wish to punish me do it however please stay on topic and not give me 'bulletpoints' on what rules I am apparently breaking.
[Image: kkf9Dtf.png]

Kinds Regards
Community Member
Case closed for review.

Will be concluded shortly.
Many thanks,
Supervising Administrator
First of all, thank you Jordy for bringing this to our attention.
The case has been reviewed by myself and is now closed.

Although not abuse, Jonas did in fact commit RDM, although it may not have been intentional, the death still occurred.
Due to this Jonas will be receiving a ban which will be displayed on his record, however this ban will not have a time frame so he can continue to administrate on our servers. Alongside this Jordy is seen committing FailRP, running into a military base with armed soldiers for the sole purpose of attempting to purchase a door. This will not go unpunished and he will be receiving a two day ban for FailRP.

With this, Jonas will be receiving one strike. The strike system is something Awestruck and I will be elaborating on soon.
Many thanks,
Supervising Administrator

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