Section for anyone to report problems with props. Developers will look into the prop and do something about it if your report is valid.

What is valid reason for us to ban/remove/fix props?
  • Props giving unfair advantage in any way (Unlikely)
  • Explosive props, too heavy props (For example a can that's as heavy as vehicle...)
  • Often abused/misused - For example if you abuse fire from PHX glass too often, we might consider banning it (Unlikely)
  • Prop is not used and is unnessesary
  • Prop is too old and new prop is used instead
  • Too big props that are barely used

Any thing that makes sense will be considered.
Prop unban request can be posted here aswell.


[b]Prop name[/b]: <text>
[b]Prop path (.mdl)[/b]: <text>
[b]Reason[/b]: <text>
[b]Example (Optional)[/b]: <text

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