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Gamemode Allow road spike strips to despawn
Title of Suggestion: Allow road spike strips to despawn (over time AND/OR when a player changes job from police)

Description: Add a feature that allows road spike strips to despawn over time/when a player changes jobs.

I know this is anecdotal evidence, but I've never seen or been stopped properly using road spikes during a high speed chase; the only times my car has been destroyed by them is when a cop, for whatever reason, decides to leave spike strips in the middle of the road. It is super annoying, and happened to me three times in a session yesterday. It tends to be new players doing this; the more experienced players on the server know how much grief these things cause.

Despawning spike strips over time will be more forgiving to cops who place them and forget to pick them up; whenever my car gets blown up by random spike strips, I do whatever is in my power to have that cop demoted.
There is also the obvious benefit that players don't need to worry about random spike strips all over the place.

For those who are against the suggestion of spike strips despawning over time, could you also please state if you are also against the suggestion of despawning a player's spike strips when they change job.
+ Support. It'll spare me some grief in the future.
Kind Regards,
Fearless Contributor
Spikestrips already despawn when a player changes job;
[Image: 4e2uYhkc.png]
As for being removed after a set amount of time, +Support. After like 3 minutes of said spikestrip being placed, it should be removed.
[Image: wOE5RbP.png]
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To often do i find myself driving over an abandon spikestrip.
[Image: KInLxEm.png]
[Image: KInLxEm.png]

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