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Recently the team have decided that we would like to bring about a new role within the staff, this role being an 'Event Manager'. Just like Teacher Liaisons and Clan Officers, this is a speciality job given to those who we feel have a great amount of knowledge to this specific field. The task of an Event Manager is to help those who are wishing to create an event and also communicate closely to the development team so that they can brings your ideas to life. With this, there is are also a series of guidelines that will be followed by the Manager to ensure that the events run smoothly.

As of 26/09/2017 an event assistant has been assigned. This event assistant will assist the current event manager(s) with anything needed.

As of the 20/06/2017 all members wishing to create an event will need to file a request to an Event Manager (On any preferred service), or to a Supervising Administrator in the case of their absence (please note that none of the currently planned events are affected by this). The request will follow with a set of questions to see that the requirements set on events are followed through. Hopefully with introducing this role we will see a bright future for the events hosted on our server. For more information in regards to how to set up an event, feel free to browse the Important Threads in this sub-forum.

The current Event Manager(s):

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Fearless Administrative Team
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