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[Solved] Regarding being Corrupt
I would argue that it is unreasonable to demote an officer on such grounds. Majority of the time, these people cannot process /me and /it usage, as well as the concept of the Meta, and identification via ID as opposed to OOC identification.

That said, he is the Vice President. IC you would know his face, his voice, his mannerisms, much like in real life, we would recognise Barack Obama or Donald Trump a mile off. It can be argued thus that the identification is unnecessary. Grape, I really believe you belong in SeriousRP servers, lmao!
I appriciate the answer Nuka, but aslong as people RP my encounters here, then i'm staying Tongue

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Seems badly roleplayed, a VP should not be working with a criminal.

And you are allowed to know he is VP IC, I think, as he would usually be a public figure unless stated.
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Thanks for the answer, appriciate it. And i'll take that into account for the future.

Shouldn't you as a police officer know who the VP is anyway ?

Would be silly if a police officer to ask the second in command of a city for ID. You would know him, maybe not personally but you'd know who he is corrupt or not.
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DISCLAIMER: No actual Captain Barry’s were hurt in the production of this Gif.

I can see your point Marty. I would properly, but I RP'ed with the fact that he was in a lab coat with lab goggles, which I RP'ed would make it hard to tell. And I assume that it was the whole point of his outfit aswell.

It seems like a very aggressive demotion you ask me. Not RP'ed very well, that's for sure.
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If it was me in this situation, after the officer was demoted I would go and talk to the president about it and seek some sort of justice like that.

When it comes to the demotion, I argue that it was poorly roleplayed. The VP may have been corrupt but as you have stated there was no law against the selling of weed and thus there was no need to demote you for seeing him buy it.

While the whole situation sounds like it was above board with regards to the rules, it sounds like the demotion wasn't thought out properly. I understand how frustrating demotions like this can be. Do you have any more questions?
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