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UBR - Ratatoskrr
Your name:[FL:RP] Ratatoskrr
Your blacklist ID: 
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:70457151
'continuing to discuss in ooc after two warnings' - OOC
Staff member who blacklisted you: [FL] Jan
Reason why you should be unblacklisted:Apon returning from taking a glass downstairs, I posted a message in ooc regarding powergaming and just now i've noticed that i had been blacklisted.

Apon talking to Jan on steam, I have found out that he warned people in ooc regarding the question. However I never meant to come across in a negative way and I hope that you can see that I was only trying to help.

Kind Regards,

[Image: untitled_1_by_ratatoskrr1-dbs3e67.gif]

Like I told you on Steam you had good intensions indeed however when I ask people to stop discussing something in ooc twice they simply have to stop, even if they are on my side.
[Image: qFcWmxe.png]

I understand this. However I spoke to another member of staff regarding this and they may come forth if they with. However they said it wasn't worthy as a blacklist as I was only trying to help.
Kind Regards,

[Image: untitled_1_by_ratatoskrr1-dbs3e67.gif]

I told everyone to stop twice, yet you and a player named TheLegend27 continued and both got equal punishments, I don't see anything invalid regarding your blacklist.

[Image: qFcWmxe.png]

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