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[Character Introduction] Jacob Andrew Matthews
[Image: 2nu62q.jpg]
Jacob Alexander Matthews
On the streets of Newcastle in 1988, a child named "Jacob" was born from his mother - Susan Matthews. His father was nowhere to be seen throughout his childhood so his Mother reluctantly raised him. At the age of 15, Jacob had gotten himself into trouble with the Police department due to him shoplifting.Once he turned 16 he left school failing all of his GCSEs. Matthews resorted to the life of crime, purchasing illegal weapons, robbing stores, sexual abuse. Because of his dangerous purchases his Bank decided to shut his account down in 2007.

[Image: 2wqwndg.png]
Fast forward to January of 2009 and he'd landed himself a job in shipping cargo between the accompanying cities. Realising how crappy his life had been he decided to give himself a new image and move to a new place.

[Image: 2947311.png]

He took a one way ticket to Evocity bringing only his clothes and $20,000 to start himself off.
The year is 2017 and Matthews is climbing his way up the wealth ladder.

[OOC] Thanks to those who've read this small character introduction, it was fun to create. Feedback is appreciated.
Big Grin
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Nice little character introduction, well done Smile
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What an Introduction. Good Stuff
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Rest In Peace Big Al 

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Awesome! Great Work!
Kind Regards,

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Wow, that is really well layed out and detailed. Awesome intro!
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Thanks all for the positive feedback Smile

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