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Creations Thread (Put your awesome creations here)
Well, Hello again! Nice to see you again after my introduction!
So, My name is Ossarium, and if you're not familiar with me, check the introduction I made about me HERE
Welcome back to my post section!

Well, I see you wanted to check this too, or you probably casually stomped into this yourself. I don't have much time to do this, But I promised I'd make a separate thread about my creations I used to make in another Semi-SeriousRP server I used to play. As said in my introduction...

[Image: a6645fa9cb.png]

What I love about Garry's Mod is the huge variety of ways to make your OWN world, not with mapping, but using props. Props are one of the ways to express myself, It's an art for me to start making something and finish it with the satisfaction of saying: "This is what I wanted, and I can't freaking wait to play in it!"
Since I used props to improve even further the RolePlay envrioment around me and all of my friends, I was one of the main "Mechanical and Constructing Engineers" in the servers. It all begun when, as said before I saw Clanof20's Huge checkpoint. (Hopefully will add screenshots of that too!). His checkpoint was so cool and was so useful for Roleplay situations that I started learning the use of props and use all tools for building.
I made so many of them and made them so big... that I really want to share this with you awesome guys and I would also like some feedback!
Let's begin with one of the old buildings I made, the Sector C security armoury.

[Image: 7764e5649d.jpg]

I used to roleplay a lot in here Specifically with the Colonel. the highest security rank in the facility. Armoury featured different security features. I liked to decorate to look like a Highly secured place. so I completely remade the walls so they would look threathing but Attractive at the same time!

Another one is the Anti Mass Spectrometer Laboratory. This one was made to have an included coolant system, which would improve even more the RP experience. Was entirely made using Expression 2 and wiremod.
[Image: 33af85feb7.jpg]
Yes... It also had a fully working elevator to access the second floor. Which contained the Generator room. Thus, had to be activated to access the CONTROL ROOM.

The control room featured a security door, a glass shield and multiple additional controls for the Wiremod-made generator and coolant system.[Image: 77be827b6d.jpg]

These were my older creations (2014-2015). Let's move on to...
Well. if that wasn't enough for you... wait until you see the rest! Because Black Mesa Semi-seriousRP servers used to have a prop limit of 500! And that server was always full of such awesome creations... People even made an automatic second tram in the map, using wiremod and Expression 2.

So, moving on now, We have the Administration Sector in Sector D, a complete re-work of it, adding different decorations, re-making walls and floors and also added multiple rooms in corridors, so it would fit perfectly Administration Roleplay of the Black Mesa facility.

WEST CORRIDOR (Originally had some science laboratories, I also used curved props so that the room wouldn't look Cube-ish, Also had a fully working projector room, Simply enough a lamp with the RT_camera texture.
[Image: f4b76fc591.jpg]
The main access wing, looks like this, had a fully working alarm system, and an Expression 2 that would type automatic Broadcasts (Yes, it types for you) And it was much more complicated than that, added security functions to avoid accidental alarm activation.
[Image: 5a2f66eada.jpg] Also made a double prop wall, looked cooler to me! It had fire doors and working Expression 2 doors and Expression 2 EGP sign (All coding)

All tho I made a bigger version of this sector, It would take the entire tunnel area of the tram... that's about 30 players stacked up toghether!
Welcome to the biggest creation ever made by me!
Administration Outer Sector
[Image: 0c59a65d45.jpg]
This is what you can see trough the tram, It's so cool because who uses the tram to go to Sector C has to go trough here and always has to see this ^.^
This featured in total 5 floors, They were huge in its kind and featured an use for each room (And pretty much contained ceiling fan, I love them XD)
[Image: 6efd9774c2.jpg]
This is the cafeteria, it had all food for the beloved workers in the facility, It also had a prop-made Coffe machine, it looked awesome and this cafeteria was a perfect touch, Also notice the inclined walls, it was made like this because the map walls were originally like this.
The elevator had a glass so players could see it working properly, the elevator was made using an E2 chip that Clanof20 had and Google made it originally.
Moving into the lower floor.
[Image: 91a41d6c33.jpg]
This section is a security lobby, that lets you access the administrator's office. This was a room with 2 buttons, one the office door and the other the security door that lets you access the outer garden, that looked really cool ,specifically because it's an underground compound.
[Image: 654f02c6d3.jpg]
This is the outer garden (Keep in mind, most of this was made without noclip, Noclip wasn't an option yet since I was not an admin. And one last thing! The floor, bottom part is important because right underneath there is a trigger_hurt.
[Image: 7e24149065.jpg]
The main lobby for the officer, that needs an elevator that had actually a working door! It was made using fading door and wiremod:
[Image: db8138251e.jpg][Image: 2e907d460c.jpg]

Once again. this is made entirely out of props. Moving on to the office, the administrator's one. The administrator's office was put in the middle, it was facing the tram and it has an inclined window, which was really hard to make using squared props. Lots of precision tool!
[Image: a5e84b7259.jpg]
It featured 2 elevators, the keypad one is for the High Security Manager (Colonel) floor, that office was mainly decorative for who became Actual security manager so I left it empty, but it also had a nice balcony. But I won't show it, since it's off limits, Secret heheh.
Basically to access the building there was a bridge made by a friend of mine, I continued it and worked on all the rest, that Friend also helped me with some EGPs.
[Image: 8ea17b966a.jpg]
Now. Let's get serious with Wiremod, I wanted to put this last, because wiremod isn't a thing in the server, and I'm sure it will never be, and I understand it, I am not here to ask to include it in the server, I will never do so, Since wiremod can be really useful, but also really abusive.
[Image: 832fd24fa1.jpg]
This is the control panel, This control panel contained all wiremod gates that made the whole system work automatically. Every single gate is important, Deleting one would make the whole system stop working. Also, wiremod is able to interact with map buttons, this is how I made it automatic.
[Image: c68a7fba44.jpg]
The teleporter mainframe was made by me and it actually moves, because if the props get in the way of the teleporter, they would get teleported, so it was importnat to make them actually move!. The walls and small lab was made by oink, a friend of mine who I worked with...
[Image: d7194d7540.jpg]
Cool innit? I don't have a youtube account and I don't like recording videos, but maybe I'll show you how it works in the future.
Now let's move on into Sector G, one of my oldest and biggest construction (600 props)(2 years ago).

[Image: eef47aea41.jpg]
Main Lobby, access to the cargo lift that leads to the sewers and the Silo D, the room with radioactive waste.
[Image: 16c3b236f9.jpg]
OLD MEXICO, a small restaurant cafeteria in the sector, Keep in mind all rooms and parts were made with props, it was just a huge corridor in the first place.
[Image: 109bdced71.jpg]
Security room with working microphone and systems. It was made for all security purposes.
These two are the last ones, There buildings were in sperate maps, One beeing Lambda core and one beeing Sector C RP map.
Ok let's begin with the HECU Base, the HECU were the military forces who had to enter the facility in case of a major emergency, if security couldn't deal with it the Hazardous Envrioment Combat Units were asked to enter the facility

[Image: 34a500a0e9.jpg]

The outside area featured a small electrical plant for the base, also the base was scanner secured and behind it there's a training bootcamp, This facility was two floors, The upper one were the dormitories for the HECU units.
I used to roleplay as the Scientist leader and control manager of the main lambda reactor core.
[Image: 5630d892be.jpg]
HEV suit room, mainly needed when the portal needed to be activate
[Image: aa5975e53e.jpg]
Main access. With a sign where if the alarm is activated, changes so it shows the emergency
[Image: e34a9bfdeb.jpg]
The 2 floors laboratory. The upper floor has the office of the scientist leader. The fire door closes when there's an emergency.
[Image: f0cfab1319.jpg]
The second wing that contained the 2 separate empty rooms (That in HL1 contained all weapons and armor, changed them completely). One as you can read contains the scanner for crystals.
[Image: 2d6c7eb66d.jpg]
The two labs! the fire button also has breakeable glass! You can actually break it, that is made for better roleplay. Not breaking it the button can't work. so it's actually necessary. The crystal analyzer is also automatic, 1 button is enough to start analyzing. (Still RP).
[Image: f85b981a02.jpg]And LAST ONE. A FULLY WORKING OFFICE! It has a working USB PC, this PC analyzes portal data. This USb has to be inserted in the back of the PC, and it would actually read something, it's simple to make in Wiremod.

Please... tell me what do you think about it. Seriously I'd love to receive a feedback, Also no, I don't have free time issues or mental problems, because I study a lot and I have excellent grades at school Big Grin
Overall though,
This is not it, This is just the black mesa section, I also have different constructions in my Adv.Dupe2. For Half Life2 Roleplay.
Don't worry! I'll make another thread only if you ask! So let me know in the comments if you want to see my Dupes of Half Life 2 RP and let me know if you liked these ones!
Thanks so much guys, Let's fill this thread with comments, you can also post your creations, Why not?! Also love this active community, Have fun in the server and let me know! Have a good day guys.
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Wow you are freaking engineer! You should be proud of your self.

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mmm...I like this suits me
Kindest Regards,

British Roleplayer
dude this is crazy! you have some serious dedication and imagination to create this. i love it dude. i hope you can bring some of this talent into FL dupes. you can get some big money from people for your dupes
(01-08-2017, 03:17 PM)Santacake Wrote: dude this is crazy! you have some serious dedication and imagination to create this. i love it dude. i hope you can bring some of this talent into FL dupes. you can get some big money from people for your dupes

Will try to, Remember though that 30 props aren't really much for me, But I'll try my best and also thanks for the comment Smile
That is seriously so good. Good job, pal!
[Image: CbkBVOT.png]
Amazing, you are a truely great builder and roleplayer.

(You can ask an admin for a prop extension!)
[Image: WtJ_PvGz_normal.jpg] <<< +Rep this guy they are very cool.
Like Bob said, admins can give you a higher prop limit. The max they can give is 100. Not sure if that's enough for your amazing creations, but it's quite a bit more than 30 Smile

Also, at 200 hours your limit gets raised to 40. Or when you buy donator, it also gets raised to 40.

Hope this helped
[Image: hrG0d9Rd_o.png]
(01-11-2017, 04:11 PM)Joe. Wrote: Like Bob said, admins can give you a higher prop limit. The max they can give is 100. Not sure if that's enough for your amazing creations, but it's quite a bit more than 30 Smile

Also, at 200 hours your limit gets raised to 40. Or when you buy donator, it also gets raised to 40.

Hope this helped

Thanks for the comment. Yes I was already aware of this the whole time, I'm getting used to 30 props, and yes, 100 props are more than enough, Making such creations also required some ways to prevent using too many props, as I'm aware it can lag the server real bad, with 100 props you can make a lot of stuff seriously, Of course, I would never make stuff THIS big, because it requires a lot of time and takes lot of server space. But I will mainly ask for 100 props in rare occations (A.K.A. presidential RP or Important RP events where I can help to build), in any case thanks for your help. And thanks for commenting. Half Life 2 RP creations thread HYYPE

Ah-ma-zing mate!
[Image: xT1oxv2.png]
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