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[FINISHED] Miss Evocity 2017
The ending reminded me of how Mamma mia ended  Big Grin
[Image: 2lqiR0U.gif]
Credits to Envy for this brilliant Sig!
Congratulations to Sparx, Madam Chong (hopefully) will be back next year!
Sad for peggy, had to get hurt so hard, just to get number 2. D:
[Image: H5wVLz1.gif]

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(01-14-2017, 09:11 PM)Jonas Wrote: Sad for peggy, had to get hurt so hard, just to get number 2. D:

Peggy lives for the pain and the pain lives for Peggy!
[Image: 51T5VDb.png]
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This was very good.
To bad my dupe broke );
[Image: mtiaXO7.jpg]
(01-14-2017, 08:57 PM)ArnyDaHamsta Wrote: I recorded it all, SOul, wil be uploading tomorrow!

Good stuff. Can't wait to see it again Smile
[Image: NY9qSY9.jpg]
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