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Spear back to the Team
[Image: yrQ9fu3.png]
Gratz Spear! Big Grin 
[Image: qewjBge.png]
Mah boy <3 I knew you were getting promoted, wich I had told you before Smile
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100% fake they are doing a prank on you guys to get more players in to the server dont trust them, Jk welcome back. why did you even leave in the first time
[Image: es7C6T6.jpg]

Was I funny or helpful or do you just care to make someone happy Rep me (click rep me to rep me) 
Welcome back
Kind Regards

[Image: iOZZQ6G.png]
[Image: mtiaXO7.jpg]
Gratz Big Grin

I'm sure you're gonna do great as usual.
[Image: bArZFeZ.png]
Good to see you back
[Image: 7bskrbf.png]

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