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Another one bites the dust.
that's sad
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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Man shut the fuck up you! I'll miss you brother!!
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Shame to see you go

You've been a great admin.

Good luck with your future.
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Goodbye Ghost ;P
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Please +Rep me if I help'ed you in anyways
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You were always the first one to respond/see my threads in dev/contrib office....
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Didn't expect to see my name in there. Sad to see you go. Your shot was amazing. You got me so triggered in the clan war after you killed me and screamed "Get fucked" on top of your lungs. Take care and good luck with life
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Such a shame to see you go.

You were a great friend to have within the team and you often go somewhat under appreciated, Fearless has lost a great administrator today.
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I'm kinda sad that you resigned from your admin position, but if you think it's needed, nobody will stop you.
I also think we weren't good friends in the past, but thanks for the time in banning DA's on the TS when I reported them to you Wink and of course general administration.
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Welcome to the club Smile
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inabit ghost
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