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Christmas Surprise
I just wish to play but I need new computer first. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

[Image: nPIuC4X.jpg]
Finally my stuff goin' on the server! Big Grin
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Une hour leto
[Image: jqC25Xr.png]
Thank you Envy
30 more Minutes boi
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Are you ready? Smile

[Image: 60530e33eb8b8eb99168bb5d99afee68.png]
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[Image: H5wVLz1.gif]

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You can expect the server to be down for ~5 minutes as we are going to update VCMOD to a newer version (We are currently running a 2-3-year-old version)

Updating VCMOD will be a test and can be reverted if we see any issues with performance etc.
Im Ready <3
[Image: xpmO5aA.png]
Please +Rep me if I help'ed you in anyways

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