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Evo News
Looks good, good luck with it Big Grin



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*A letter finds it way in your new office in EvoCity, the paper is thin and crisp and there is a regal looking wax seal on the envelope*
[Image: F0litSK.png]

Spoiler :
Dear, Alex Fortino and David LowGreen

It has come to my colleague and I's attention that you have brought your longstanding business over to EvoCity. Although we admire you for attempting to make a news agent here, I think you may find that the citizens of EvoCity are and always will be very loyal to Bentley Production's Evo1 News. It surprises me that a company whom has lasted 7 years hasn't managed to grab my attention, but alas I suppose that means I have nothing to fear. We are looking forward to see your news be broadcast among the screens of this great city, but never forget! The number one isn't just a name, it's a rank. There's nothing like a good bit of competition to get the ball rolling.

Yours truly,
[Image: uT3Qrj0.png]
CEO of Bentley Productions
[Image: zcacheA.png]
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What can you bring to Evo News?:
I want to bring Evo News good written news for the public.

What skills do you have?:
I can write fast digitaly.

What characteristics do you have?
I know alot about computers.

Can you work well under pressure?
It depends what it is.

Are you confident in public?
I'm Confident talking in public.

Do you have good communication skills?
Yes i have good Communication skills.

Why should we pick you?
Because i want to make news to the public to let everyone know the recent things in EvoCity

OOC : Steam Name : HundraProdent

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