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ChildRP/Child Mafia (Video)
Yesterday I roleplayed as a Child on Fearless.  To be honest it was one of the best roleplay experiences I have seen, it shows how good the community can be when it comes to roleplaying well. For anyone that cares I uploaded what happened on YouTube and will be uploading the other parts soon. I hope you enjoy!

[Image: T8P6snO.png]
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It'd be good..

Spoiler :
If the video was availible...
[Image: yeVBnNI.jpg]
Video is unvuable might wanna fix that
Wait, it isn't working. I upload it but it is not showing Sad
[Image: T8P6snO.png]
[Image: T8P6snO.png]
I really enjoyed the RP as well...

How do you make the voice?
[Image: FUKzdZV.png]
Made by Envy
Voxal Voice Changer with Voice Meeter
[Image: T8P6snO.png]
So your the little bastard I had to Chase for half an hour
[Image: eLCxlD8.jpg]
Made by Me
i killed him, why you ask, to see his face beg for mercy as i stuck a blade through his neck and slowly pulled it out    
Sounds more like a retarded robot than a kid.
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Looks Good!
[Image: L7e7oTA.png]
Did I help you? +REP

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