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Illuzion Corp vs The Camorro Family.
Denino and Camorro fought a very tough and tactic filled war with Illuzion, in which the latter declared. After a large amount of planning, Denino led members to attack Illuzion's base, and they did much damage in doing so. However, there were traitors in the mist. Tomo attempted to kill the VIP of Illuzion, in which he failed. After a bit more destruction from Denino, the Camorro family had its own traitors, and they succeeded in killing two of their own members, but were stopped by Jan and his trusted guards. Afterwards, Denino retreated and took to defense, and ended up defending against an attack until Illuzion retreated back again. Denino sent in three members to take down the remaining Illuzion members, in which they succeeded. Jan Camorro then decided to end Illuzion's operations.

You all fought incredibly well, and it was anyones game at several points in the war. 
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