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Bentley Productions
Dear, Sgt. Wong

May I please start off this letter by giving you our deepest apologies. Your application has been lost in the all hype for our recently announced projects. We would be absolutely delighted to have you as an Actor in our staff. You will not have to go through the recently proposed audition process and we will add you to our list of staff with immediate effect. We hope you enjoy your time here at Bentley Productions and we hope to see you on the big screen in the near future!

Many thanks,
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CEO of Bentley Productions
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Greetings everyone,

Miss Evocity was an utter success! I was so proud to see our very own in the show. I would like to personally thank, Krissy and Richard for Hosting, Jack Mondays for being a Judge, Sam Lint for being a photographer for the event, Zeke Harbury for his amazing performance and Sergeant Wong's wife, Madam Wong for being a contestant. But we can't forget Madeline, for only going and winning the entire competition (We promise it wasn't rigged).

We would like to say that at this moment in time, the rights to Miss Evocity are solely handed to us and interviews with Miss Evocity are strictly forbidden as she is contractually obliged to only appear in our media. If you have any inquiries about this you can email either me (Divey) or Krissy (Lesanka).

Another issue we would like to address is that recently we have received multiple offers for us to produce a show. Here at Bentley Productions we put our entire love and energy into each creation, spending almost twelve hours on editing alone and so we will not be accepting any offers for productions. If you would like to suggest a show we might consider it however being asked or payed to produce something is not on our agenda.

Many thanks,
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CEO of Bentley Productions
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