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[CLOSED]Special Escort Group
The Special Escort Group
[Image: 2arVlKC.png]

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About us

The unit's purpose is to provide armed escorts and protection for members of the Government, visiting royals, heads of state and other visiting dignitaries. It also provides armed vehicle escorts for valuable, hazardous and protected loads and high risk prisoners.

This specialist unit of the Metropolitan Police consists of officers with a range of skills and operational experience from various policing backgrounds. One driver (lead vehicle) positions himself in front of the escort, controlling the precise pace, position, speed and timing of the escort, whilst the others forge ahead, dealing with traffic situations and advising the lead driver of the safest path through the traffic they are controlling. SEG officers in BMWs, Mercedes and Chryslers.

All SEG officers are Advanced Drivers and are fully trained in anti-hijack driving and firearms tactics. The SEG uses a wide range of vehicles armoured and unarmoured vehicles.

The officers of the SEG carry Glock 17s, if authorisation is gained all of our qualified members may use H&K MP5s. All of our members are trained, and they have all passed the Authorised Firearms Officer exam.

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Lead Driver

The lead drivers role is to drive at a set pace in front of the VIPs vehicle. This allows us to ensure the pace of the convoy throughout the journey without compromising the VIPs or the public's safety. The lead driver typically drives a similar vehicle to the VIP.

Tail Driver
The tail drivers role is to drive at a set pace behind of the VIPs vehicle. This allows us to ensure the pace of the convoy throughout the journey without compromising the VIPs or the public's safety. The tail driver typically drives a similar vehicle to the VIP.

Runaway Driver

The runaway driver, or 'Blocker' is the driver tasked with driving ahead of the convoy, scouting and blocking off any risky roads to prevent rams to the VIPs vehicle. There are usually 2-3 Runaways in the convoy and they typically drive fast cars. BMWs are ideal.

VIP Vehicle Driver

The VIPs vehicle driver role is to do exactly what's on the tin, either driving the VIP in their personal vehicle or driving one of our vehicles to carrying the VIP. A suit is usually the recommended attire for the task.

[Image: linebreak2.png]


The Boss which works the cogs of the company.
[Image: commissioner.gif]

Chief Superintendent
The Chief that supervises the superintendents

[Image: chief_superintendent.gif]

The supervisor's
[Image: superintentendent.gif]

This rank carries out the tasks his/her seniors tell order him to do.
[Image: sergeant.gif]

This is the rank where the majority of people will reach. This are the lowest rank

[Image: constable.gif]

Recruit - Does not have a rank, for he has not officially joined yet, he does not take part in convoys and has to undergo training and exams before he get promoted to a constable .

Current Constable - Elad

Current Chief Superintendent - open

Current Superintendent's - none

Current Sergeant's - none

Current Constables - none
Note: As it the refurbished version of the group is new with no members, you may apply for a rank straight away. BUT I will be very less reluctant to accept your attempted jump up the ranks and will take a lot of time to consider it.
Chief Superintenden
[Image: linebreak2.png]

Join us
I will process your application and reply to you within a period of 2 days.
 (or 7 days if it is a jump application)

Application Form 

In Character Information:
Full name:
Current Street Address:
Previous Experience:
Telephone Number:
Rank Applying for:

OOC Information:
Steam Name:
Hours spent on server:
RP points:
Cars Owned:
Previous Bans:

Misc Information:
Reason to join:
Do you have a microphone:
Do you have any advanced driver training:

Previous Clans:
Why did you leave them?

Requirements and Conditions 
You are expected be reasonably active.
You must not of had a ban in the past 6 months.  
You must obey the command structure during events and clan situations.
You do not disrespect anyone at all during events and clan situations.
You understand that you're not guaranteed a place, you need to prove yourself with a small training evening until you pass the recruit status.

Note: I am taking over the clan(group) from Force Ghost as I have his approval. No hate please.
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Made by Velster
You are doing a good job by the looks of it! Good luck!
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(10-30-2016, 09:21 PM)Dobby Wrote: You are doing a good job by the looks of it! Good luck!

[Image: 1zxp9fm.jpg]
Made by Velster
PLEASE NOTE: the new clan has not been created yet. I will create it once I get support and a couple of members!
[Image: 1zxp9fm.jpg]
Made by Velster
Good luck
Best of luck!
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Think i helped you out? rep me here!
Could an Admin move this thread to groups?
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