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Italy Earthquakes
  This week, in central Italy, two high-magnitude earthquakes struck  on the same day, October 26th.

[Image: 58114cddc361885a408b467b.jpg]

The quakes came in the evening, very close to the city of Visso, toppling buildings, and causing all kinds of catastrophe. The death toll is currently unknown. A similar earthquake happened back in August, and was the cause for the deaths of around 300 citizens. 

"It was miraculous no deaths had been reported," said Interior Minister Angelino Alfano. Dozens, presumably rising to hundreds are being treated for shock and light injuries.

On Wednesday Evening, the quake struck at a magnitude of 5.5, causing a path of destruction in it's wake. Two hours later, after things began to settle down, another tremor came, this time at 6.1 magnitude. This was the finishing blow to many structures in the areas surrounding the quakes, and buildings fell, bridges toppled, etc.

The first tremor was able to send people running, and hopefully gave signal to evacuate themselves, and potentially saved many lives.

A tragic feature for local residents was the destruction of a fourteenth-century church that had been standing for years upon years, but finally collapsed on the last tremor.

The outer remains of the fourteenth-century church.
 [Image: 161027095818-05-italy-earthquake-1027-exlarge-169.jpg]

An inside look at the damaged church.
[Image: 178351.jpg]

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