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Evo City News! #2 *We are back!*
Evo News.

EvoCity news is back! A while ago I made the first issue and here come the second with some news and stories in Evo City...


Scientists heard an abnormal grumble in the ground. It made crazy sound waves. After hard research, it appears it is a message. We don't currently know who it is from

"Skummet Administrator" the voice said. We have no clue what it means or who this 'Skummet' is. Although some argue it was a normal earthquake or volcanic activity underground. The scientists could be wrong after all.

Clan News:

JLion Agency:
This is no free advertisement! A new clan was started by me and is going very strong, a lot of players can be seen with a JLion ID card, police are seeing people use JLion IDs at checkpoints. It seems to be alive... For now.

JLion Agency is currently trying to make an alliance between JLion and The Resistance.

The Resistance:
A rebellious clan gone good, who can be seen either working for or against the government.

This is quite new, but very popular. Unfortunately, the old CEO retired and step down and a new man steps up to the plate, and plans to change the goals and actions of the clan.

The Denino Family:
Having just won a clan war against the Waite Family/Enterprises whatever, people were shocked to see it close down. Although I am here to let you know that they are still I need cations, use starting a new page/clan.

Paranormal News.

The Ghost of the Empire Hotel.

The hotel is losing customers rapidly after CCTV caught footage of a ghostly figure flying to the roof. It has been confirmed that people have been slain there. Bodies can be found around the hotel. Things can move around. People have even been dragged by the head to the roof and never seen again. 

In good news....

It's old news, but after the Hotel starting losing customers another man opened a motel at Downtown motors. It is very popular. 

Othe paranormal stuff:

People started to go missing in a bar in EvoCity. It was searched and one man was arrested after assaulting a police officer. That night the president was murdered and a man claimed Presidency, and thepfficer who searched the house confirmed that the new president was a suspect in the bar. But the cop wasn't heard of again. Might just be a coincidence.. Right?

After the new presidency multiple bodies were to be cleaned up in the offices as gunned down "traitors" hit the floor. Men were arrested who went down the lift armed after a shootout.

EvoCity Development


A MALL was opened in EvoCity! The old Burger King was demolished and construction began!
It took 2 years to finsih being built, then decoration was added to the interior, then spaces for shops were rented out. The shops included "Fish, Apple Store, Doctor, Dominos (Later demolished), Game (Very popular), coffee, Burger King."

It was very crowded and well staffed.

That is it for this time! Bye all!

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This looks awesome! I always enjoy reading about roleplays that I were not able to attend Big Grin
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Burger king was demolished to build a mall.
Then they built a new burger king inside that mall.
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