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British public back a ban on burka
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Doctor KuLa
Always Drunk
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(09-07-2016, 12:24 PM)Cunty Mcuntface Wrote:
(09-07-2016, 12:13 PM)Borovichok Wrote: Speaking of idiots, someone who say that nazism is tradion of Europe is freaking idiot himself

There are still many people throughout Europe that believe in naziism. Their fathers and grandfathers believed in it leading them to believe in it making that a family tradition.

So you call me an idiot yet your belief is running infront of 1-4 year old kids exposing yourself in a thong ?

Have you read your post, if wearing a helmet in a bank was a religious belief then it would be allowed but sadly it isn't. And helmetaphobe, please stop making yourself look like a fool.

Your an islamophobe yet you can't bring yourself to admit it.

Your "security reasons" point sadly over the last few years we have seen a sharp increase in terrorism domestic and alien yet I remember maybe one incident were it was a male wearing a burqa...there have been crimes where I live that people have wore burqas yet it has been white men, maybe the problem is the criminals and not the burqa.

Your points are flawed, deluded and absolute stink of the "I'm not racist but INSERT RACIST COMMENT" beliefs.

As one of my fav YouTuber's said Islamophobia is perfectly reasonable. It is okay to fear a totalitarian ideology that seeks to dominate man kind. 
I have nothing against muslims at all.
I think everyone needs to just calm the fuck down and stop calling each other's opinions "retarded". And stop throwing around big words like "islamophobe" when some of you barely know it's meaning. There are completely reasonable arguments for BOTH opinions. Also, remove nazism from this discussion - it's largely irrelevant. Anyway, you never know, fear may play into it - but there are also very practical reasons for its banning. It's already is generally not permitted in professional settings, education, child care and health care to name a few.

You're also forgetting about the compromise - I've now said TWICE there are three main coverings typical to Islam: burqa, niqab and the hijab. This isn't about banning the latter two, the first one which is 100% body covering is the topic of this discussion.

(09-07-2016, 01:06 PM)Holdem Wrote: The biggest threat to society is not Islam nor Terrorism, but the privatization of the entire planet to the point where millions of humans cannot AFFORD to live in the planet they were born in, while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Our political system has been hijacked since over a century ago and the only way out is by laying new foundations and starting all over with fresh ideas and policies that are put in place for the betterment of mankind and not for the benefit of a few. We don't have much time before we sit and ask ourselves why we live in a fascist regime again.

This I do largely agree with. Those of you who have read "Nineteen Eighty Four" could have a good idea about this sort of stuff (plus Holdem's other comments on freedoms and liberty).
Trucker's assaulted women's and children's at Calais!
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Doctor KuLa
Always Drunk
I don't think such a degrading piece of clothing should be allowed to be worn. 
Especially on kids, they are not old enough to understand what they are wearing. It is degrading and unfair to the kids that are born into such beliefs and forced to wear such clothing.
It limits their life having to wear than shit on their heads, particularly in school.
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I'm moving my position to neutral.  I think that if Muslim women decide to cover themselves in anyway they should choose the hijab because in my opinion the latter two look stupid but just because I have an opinion on how something looks I don't belive that a law should be put based on that.  Also just saying some Muslims don't even wear any of the three,  ya know there are Muslims who are only Muslims because we happened to be born Muslims so they don't necessarily have to be on board with everything lol,
I love prefer to have own opinion, than...:
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Can you even have simple neuron in..... A pity chatter.
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Doctor KuLa
Always Drunk
Lol what
I think the main concern of having the burkha is that you could overheat at the beach like Hillary.

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