PLZ Unban me
Your name: Your mom?

Your SteamID:

Reason ban: I rdmed 2 people, i have a good reason.

Why we should unban you: The two people were rdming me lots of times. Which made me turn angry. Then they decided to randomly burn my friends house down. I only rdmed since they did it to.
Use the template for your unban request. Btw how can you RDM with a good reason?
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Sure its not a good reason. But i cant understand why you only banned me???
(06-13-2010, 08:09 AM)your mom? Wrote: I got perm ban for rdm and i am really sorry. But i rdmed 2 guys only 2, and whith a good reason. They rdmed me ALOT of times. And sure i was angry. Then they burn my friends house down whith no reason. So i rdmed them. Thinking

My Name: Your mom?

I got him rdming on streets LINK:
yes can you see the house? they tryed to burn it ty for video ceptr. Then if you If you look good you can see fire in the house.
Please don't double post, can you please edit the old one until someone else has posted. Thank you.
LOL, Yes someone did try to burn the house. and then you try to kill me? wtf rdm
Look this approveable for if he gets unbanned or not is up to the admin who banned him and that would be soul.
But i dont see it as fair for permban for a rdm..
perm ban for RDM is good as you join the servers you are supposed to read the rules if you fail to do so you will make mistakes wich will get you banned and perm ban for the 1st RDM might be a little harsh imo but I would do the same cause some people just never learn
(subtle reference to night-listener wich Soul and Fallen will probably remember)

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