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So if your here, I'm going to assume you want to roleplay as a hitman, and maybe you want some tips or pointers? Well then you came to the right place.


As a hitman you need to make sure you can kill your target. Not being killed yourself. Make sure you have good weaponry for the job and kevlar is always useful. When I roleplay as a hitman I use 3 weapons to my advantage:

1. Five-Seven w/ Light handgun attachments (Silencer, dot sight). This allows me to get in from behind and silently kill the target. It does pretty good damage to the head and body so not a bad choice.

2. Knife. This silent weapon is useful if you manage to sneak up on your target from behind. A quick knife to the back of the head is an insta-kill. If you screw up and they see you, or if they have kevlar on you can always switch to your trusty Five-Seven to finish the job.

3. Baseball bat. Now you might be thinking "What would a hitman use a baseball bat for?" Well this baby can knock your targets out, for a quick and easy assassination.

Now of course you can use whatever weapons you wish, but those are my preferences. 


Before you can be a hitman you need to advertise that a hitman is in town. Using /advert to advert your "services" will mean that everyone will see it. Advertise every so often until you get a contract. When you have agreed to take on a contract, make sure they want the other dead for a valid reason, i.e being arrested is NOT a valid reason to have someone killed, but being a business competitor, Mugging you, Robbing your home etc, are good enough reasons. Be warned, if you kill someone as a hitman for a non valid reason, you AND your client will be punished. So NO accepting hits for: "Can you kill the pres?? The tax is too high xD"


After you have gotten a contract you're gonna want to find and of course kill your target. It helps to ask your client for any details on last where abouts, physical descriptions and other information to track him down. Once you have found your target, next you must:


You've found your target. So now what? Rush in, get the job done? Wait and scope the place out? That is up to you, I would scope the place out, find any of his friends and make sure they aren't with him when I go in to finish the job. Sometimes its better to rush and make lots of noise, but usually better to be silent about it.


You have successfully killed your target, contact your client to recieve payment and go on your merry way. But wait, what if the cops show up? His friends bust in the door?

Well, you can bust your way out in two ways, Guns blazing, Or Talk your way out.

I once had a hit, that involved me going to the MTL industrial.I got in, silently murdered my target only to be discovered by the cops. The rebels were about to be raided, So I knew I couldn't fight my way out
so I lied to them, plea-ing with them and telling them I was a hostage. They let me leave, and I went out and got payed.

PRICING: I would usually charge anywhere between 1-4k per hit.
Look professional: When you talk to your client, talk in a manner is if you have done this before. Act confident, and above all convince them you ARE the best for the job.
GETAWAY: It is good to have a partner or get-away vehicle nearby once the job is done.
APARTMENT/BASE: Have a base to come back to after each hit, Hitman are not some robots who don't need to eat/sleep/drink etc.

So that is all I can think of, when roleplaying as a hitman. I hope this guide helped you and thanks for reading! If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask for help below!
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Nice guide Smile
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Great hitman guide with fine rp-wise content.
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What is like a good reason?
(07-03-2015, 02:55 PM)Emanuel Galinha Wrote: What is like a good reason?

Use your intuition. There are so many good and bad reason it's hard to name them. The basic idea is if the client could kill the target himself without it being RDM then so can you.
When in doubt, it's best to either deny a hit or ask a staff member. While Teachers are not staff, you can also ask them because they will have enough experience to know.
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Pretty good guide, i must admit.
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