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Trip to London
I live in London, it pains me that you missed a lot of the awesome stuff we have here. If you ever come back, I advise you check out the Ace Cafe (huge car shows and drift meets here), the Science/Natural History museums, and of course Camden.
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you guys should have searched for KSI's wrapped Lamborghini Aventador. That's very similar to the kind of cars sheikhs import here for their holidays.
[Image: LWBqBwS.png]
Seems like a nice trip, i wanna visit the U.K myself. Not necessary London tho
[Image: tumblr_oq4diiJxBR1uo87guo1_500.gif]
Ahh, our beloved capital. Good to see you got to visit London! If only you could have stayed longer, but glad you enjoyed it!
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London is a nice place to visit. I've been to London before and it was great!
London is a great place apart from the litter and the ignorant people who will walk into you if you don't move, but these guys! :  

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Why didn't you visit me in Edmonton so I could rob you?

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