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Event Roleplays

So you would like to host an event on our roleplay servers, but aren't entirely sure how to go about doing so.
You've either recently joined our servers, but still want to host a fun and engaging roleplay for you, your friends
and the rest of the server to enjoy. This is absolutely fine, and we encourage our community to host all the events
they want, so long as they comply with server rules. Where to start, though? Well first off you may want to follow
these steps to get your event in compliance with the rules and managed properly. This thread assumes you already
have the idea for the concept of your event, meaning you yourself know what it's about.

Step 1: Ready an in-depth thread for your event.
It is rather necessary for the wide audience to be able to read every little thing they might need to know
about your event. To provide this information, post a new thread about it under (Roleplays > Events) and
fill it in with images, information and a list of members who have applied, also make sure to include an
application template like the following one below. 

In order to assign graphics to your thread, find those
who can make them and request logos, headers and fancy thread liners like the one at the start of this
thread. The following link leads to a thread for Clan Logos, you can use these aswell for the borders and
other graphics of the Event Thread. Clan Graphics
[b]Steam Name:[/b]

Step 2: Contact an Event Manager to help host your event.
Sometimes it is necessary for a member of staff to look over an event as it happens to make sure that nothing 
like rule-breaking or lack of resources ruin the fun. To find an Event Manager to contact, either add them on steam
or send them a forum PM from the following page. Team Page 
We do prefer the forum PM option though as it makes us easier to understand what you need help with, whereas friend
requests are just rather random and out of context.

Step 3: Post your thread and accept applicants, then set a time and date!
Keep a watchful eye of your thread so that no applicants go amiss, make sure to look over all the 
applications you receive so that you get as many people in your event as possible, and if you want
a large amount, lower your standards for hours and roleplay points, as they don't really matter too
much, besides your event might give inspiration to new roleplayers!  Be sure that a plot and story
is on your todo list, always have some sort of plot the event can follow so it doesn't go on forever.

Now is time to set a time and a date for your event, this can be the hard part if you don't entirely
understand the difference between timezones, and don't sweat, neither do I. They are confusing and
will usually do a number on your event, and when I say a number, I mean it. Some folks can't wake
up early enough to attend events on Gmod that are not at a convenient time for them, so if you do set
a time, make it convenient for the majority (Meaning if you live in Australia, but the majority of your
applicants are from Europe, you may have to be the one waking up early.) Once you've set down a time
look for a date to place it on, ask around to see when it is most convenient for everyone, which days are
school days for some and work days for others.

Step 4: Work on the dupe for your event!
Most dupes require buildings and decorations for the best experience, this is something you may want
to work on prior to posting your thread, so you aren't rushed for time. If you aren't all that experienced in
dupe construction, try asking around for help or go to a dupe shop in the marketplace for help, usually an
Event Manager you asked to help host will aid you in working on your dupe (Though if you ask me, be wary
I am terrible at building). Once your dupe is finished, follow the other steps and go through with your
wonderful event!


Zombie Events: Bare in mind that Zombie related events require administrative permission, so be sure
to get that before thinking of doing that sort of roleplay.

Demographic Appeasement: Appease to a variety of demographics, spice up your roleplay by mixing both
passive and agressive roleplay, this will ensure that you get the most players getting the most fun out of your

Event Server: If your event is taking place on the event server, be sure to ask an administrator to turn it on 
for you and to watch over it, keep in mind that rules can be enforced on the event server aswell as the primary

Primary Server: If your event happens to take place on the primary server, make absolute sure an admin is
watching it over, we'd rather not have spontaneous 'Baby Invasion' events happening that almost certainly 
interrupt other people's roleplay on the server, please be mindful of this.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you all host great events, if you have any questions feel free to 
PM me or any of the staff members. 
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Looks good.
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Hopefully this will encourage more in depth, unique events. Nice work mate.
Great guide, we could use more playerbased events with unique ideas! Good work Diggy.
Great guide! This will definitly help improve feature events as imo some are more of a letdown.. Anyway looking forward to some good new events!
Nice work , thanks for the Guide , now i know how i can start my event , thanks ^^

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