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Our favorite vehicles

But besides that, I'd take a Maserati GranTurismo MC or the Quattroporte GTS
[Image: 242dge9.jpg]

Jericho 'Toxic' McAndrews: F.I.I.D: SD: 7332
FUMUKU International: Security Division

“The highest distinction is service to others.”
Didn't necro^ Camaros and Mustangs are my favorite
[Image: 76561198109366567.png]
[Image: jeremy_clarkson_p50.jpg]

And with the little extension:

[Image: 97055_Rear_3-4_Web.JPG]
[Image: TheDoctorSig.png]
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Only seen 2 motorcycles so far. What the hell guys?
Yamaha R1
Yamaha R6
Honda CBR 600 RR
Yamaha 125CC
Aprilia RS 125
Or 250cc bikes like Kawasaki Ninja 250r... sport bikes you name em
Spoiler :
[Image: 600px-2009_Yamaha_YZF-R1.jpg]
[Image: 2015-Yamaha-YZF-R6-EU-Matt-Grey-Studio-001.jpg]
[Image: 2006HondaCBR600RR-001.jpg]
[Image: yamaha%20yzf-r125.jpg]
[Image: Aprilia-RS125-2.jpg]
[Image: 8KO1g8f.png]
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I love the Golf MKII...
My favourite vehicle is

[Image: search?q=raptor+plane&es_sm=93&biw=1366&...000%3B2400]

Ze Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor - Gets you places fast

[Image: 30s7bix.jpg]
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(01-02-2015, 11:23 PM)MavisDracula Wrote: -snip dogg-

Peel P50. Excellent choice.
[Image: nbhY7DQ.png]
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Ford Thunderbird 1964

[Image: wallpapers_ford_thunderbird_1964_1.jpg]
Good ol' 69' Daytona

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Buying cars
[Image: px_rosso.png]
Vespa PX 150
unfortunately I'm still on provisional so i can't drive it, but when i get a full license I'm getting this,
[Image: ETQjSgL.jpg]
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