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Estleback News Briefing

On the 17th of October, Estleback was hired to conduct security for the Emmy's 2020 event.

After arriving and setting up a checkpoint in the venue, Estleback handled the crowd of viewers as they entered the auditorium. There were no notable adverse events that occurred, and the entire event was handled without a single security issue.

Of course, Estleback had involvements in the event directly, as they were nominated for both the Organization of the Year award, along with the Best Roleplay of 2020, which pertained to the Alcatraz Prison reopening. As expected, Estleback won both of the categories and took home the awards and cash prizes.

Thank you to all that voted for us, we look forward to proving our value further in the future.

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Congratulations on Winning this year Organization of the year award as well as Best Roleplay of 2020 !! Very happy for you guys on such big achievements !
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I'm proud to be one of the members of this clan Smile
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