Estleback Corporation
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Current Weekly Schedule
Open Hours - Every Wednesday from 7pm
Recruitment Centre - Every Saturday from 6pm

Our Objectives [IC]

The Estleback Corporation is a privately owned peacekeeping organization with the primary objective of keeping the population safe.
We want the community to prosper, and for it to grow and flourish.

We do this by:
  • Eliminating threats to a safe, fair and free city, both natural and manufactured.
  • Offering protection to both high and low profile establishments.
  • Promoting business and organizations.
  • Developing projects to contribute to the life of the community, such as ventures in transportation, hospitality and exploration. 
  • Encouraging lawmakers to make their systems and rules fairer.
We carry out our operations using a dedicated, elite and trained task force, who too share our vision of prosperity.
We recruit only the best, most loyal recruits. Could you join our ranks?

This is the Estleback Corporation.

Our Objectives [OOC]

Our main OOC objective is to provide a fun atmosphere for our members, however, we also strive to:
  • Reduce any toxicity in FL, and contribute to the growth of the community.
  • Promote other organizations, give them exposure, and help them out.
  • Provide a sub-community of like-minded individuals.
  • Help our members get what they want out of their time here.
  • Contribute to the life of the server by putting on awesome events for the public.
  • Innovate and push the boundaries as to what can be done by a group of individuals in a Fearless organization.
Our History
The Estleback Corporation, previously known as 'Estleback Incorporated', was founded in May 1997, and is a multinational corporation spread throughout the world.
When the corporation established itself into Evocity in early 2013, the first Director to take office was 'Viktor Dennis', who briefly ran the company alone until Steve Burwin stepped into the picture.
Together, they led the company to great success and successfully endured tough times.

[spoiler=Phase One History]
The corporation's expansion into EvoCity was a great success. Major businesses operating in that city at the time noticed the corporation's growth, and through alliances it grew even bigger. Estleback gained a large number of employees, but in early summer of 2013, the corporation hit a bump. Viktor Dennis was murdered in an operation involving the old nemesis 'Fulcrum', as the corporation was conducting important experiments at the time that could chance the course of humanity. The main objective was to insert selected knowledge from the World Wide Web into a single mind, and was known as the Intersect Project. The project was lost with Viktor Dennis' death.

Shortly after this tragedy, 'Micheal 'Flood' Stanson' succeeded Viktor Dennis. He had previously over viewed the corporation on behalf of the NSA, so knew its methods of operation better than any other outsider. He was assigned to lead the corporation until they found a worthy successor. With that, a new Deputy Director was assigned due to Steve Burwin's resignation over the loss of Viktor Dennis, who was known as 'Luke Stevenson'.

During this time, the enemy of Estleback, Fulcrum, had grown even stronger, and as such the corporation decided to increase its presence in the city. An alliance with The Shadow Associates Agency proceeded, which created the strongest alliance the city had ever seen. Having a great defence towards threats from the outside, the focus on security within the corporation was lost. As a consequence, Fulcrum had infiltrated Estleback secretly. The new Deputy Director, Luke Stevenson, assassinated Micheal 'Flood' Stanson, and a manhunt for the rouge Deputy Director ensued. It was later discovered that the Intersect device that was thought to be lost had been acquired by Luke, and was now in possession of Fulcrum.

Steve Burwin had noticed this great chaos, and quickly went back to his previous rank after a unanimous vote to reinstate him as the Deputy Director. He was contacted by Terrence William, whom together with Mr Burwin, issued 'Operation Vasethera'. A Chinook designed by the Estleback Research Department flew the Estleback special response team to the suspected Fulcrum HQ at the lake of v2p, and there raided the highly secured facility. They acquired the Intersect Device, and were later extracted by Terrence William using his personal chopper.

Two wars against the Beltran Leyva Mafia and The Candolini Family were conducted during the leadership of Terrence William with the collaboration of The Shadow Associates Agency, both of which were highly successful. Several events took place during Terrence's management, but it all ended in Q4 of 2014. One attempt was made to restart the corporation was made, but it never succeeded.

[spoiler=Phase Two History]
In late 2016, the Islandic 'Anthony 'Flood' Válaris' caught an eye for the legacy of the Estleback Corporation. Taking into considering the current state of Evocity, he used his money from selling his old company and acquired Estleback and all of her assets. This move began the era of the new Director, Anthony 'Flood' Válaris.

In early 2017, the Estleback Corporation, under the command of Anthony 'Flood' Válaris, acquired 'Park Industries', and put it under her proud flags. The deal was estimated to be worth around $6.500.000. All Park assets became Estleback property, including the rights to the Park Industries brand as well. The administration of Park Industries were offered the 'Field Operative' position at Estleback, whilst the employees not associated with the administration were offered to be given priority in our application system. The deal was ratified by both parties on the 31th of January, 2017 - Document may be found here.

Later on that year, during a routine training exercise, while moving between facilities, Director Valaris and DOD Noah Grayson were caught up in an attempted kidnapping. This resulted in DOD Grayson's disappearance, and even though not captured, Valaris' condition was deteriorating, as he was left alone at the road side. However, Valaris managed to trigger a distress signal, which sighted the operative's swift arrival at the scene. After deep investigation, it was found that Fulcrum was behind the attack, and they had supposedly taken in Noah Grayson for 'questioning'. Estleback's threat level was raised to critical.

On the 10th April 2017, Anthony 'Flood' Valaris decided to step down from his position as Director, as he felt he had stabilized the groundwork enough that he was no longer required. At midnight the same day, the position of Director transitioned into the hands of the long running Deputy, Steve Burwin, who was forced to return early from his LOA.

Director Burwin instantly initiated 'Operation Romeo', which had the important objective of rescuing Deputy Director Noah Grayson. This stealth operation was a success, and Grayson was retrieved with relative ease.

After this operation, public corporation activity slowed, as Director Burwin was prioritizing the optimization of the inner workings of the clan. On top of this, he was officially still on LOA, so he had less time than hoped to put towards running Estleback. Despite these problems, Estleback still maintained large projects, such as V4 of their historic monorail system and resurrecting the infamous prison 'Alcatraz'. However, after a short absence, the company was back in full swing with a plethora of new projects being announced.

[spoiler=Phase Three History]
The world went into lock down at the start of 2020 with the emergence of COVID-19.

Though unaffected due to strict border checks and isolating infections quickly, Evocity was under threat of unrest, as global markets had crashed, and international trade slowed.

On top of this, Estleback's absence allowed for the emergence of various criminal separatist groups who were creating disorder and chaos in the city.

Steve Burwin saw that the time to emerge had come once again, and on the 13th April, started rallying together previous Estleback employees.

After preparation, on the 3rd May it was publicly announced that the Estleback Corporation would be systematically reopening to help restore order to the city.

However, Steve Burwin announced that certain organizational changes, such as having a 'more relaxed atmosphere', would be made to bring Estleback into the new decade.

The announcement was met with an overwhelming response, and was covered by many news outlets:

Source 1
Source 2
Source 3

Soon after this on the 9th May, Estleback made their first public appearance at the Mr Evocity 2020 contest, providing security for the venue.

From this point, the company was back in full swing, having a public presence and opening their offices to the public twice a week.

Following on from this first detail were many Estleback triumphs, including the start of a second security contract of the recently refurbished Alcatraz prison, the development and implementation of the best monorail line Evocity has ever seen, and more.

Soon after, Steve Burwin went into partial retirement, and in his place he appointed Noah Grayson, long time employee of the organization and governance member for many years. 

Soon after, they relocated their headquarters from Evocity to San Ranevo. Alcatraz was built up again and hosted prisoners for a period, and the organization began to sponsor other organizations to assist them in their growth. Estleback then began to expand its Park Industries assets into San Ranevo as well, opening many locations to serve the community.


The Governance

The Governance includes all 'senior positions' in the corporation. Their roles are usually more involved than a regular member, and are responsible for implementing the director's vision.

Director: Provides direction to the clan, and helps in the implementation of their vision. The director's central role is supporting organizational cohesion, managing clan relations, and seeking out ways to improve the organization.

Deputy Director: The deputy director runs the company in the director's absence, and is the director's 'right hand'. They are the 'head advisor', but take a more active role in the organization by assisting the director, looking at ways of improving the clan structure, and working with other members of the governance to implement them.

Director of Management [DOM]: Responsible for managing players. Carries out tasks such as leading recruitment initiatives, interviewing for senior positions, managing in-clan conflict, and booking security events with clients.

Director of Development [DOD]: Responsible for developing the clan, such as coming up with and developing new initiatives, and running them. For example, the Estleback political party, transportation, or other events.

Chief Field Operative [CFO]: As a member of the governance, they are responsible for leading the field division. They deal with creating and teaching new security tactics to members, leading the planning and implementation of security details, and taking charge during firearm contact.

Advisor: A well-experience previous member of the clan, usually ex-governance. Responsible for advising current governance on current affairs, along with providing general wisdom toward the direction of the clan.

Estleback Field Division

When you show interest in joining the company, you will be made an Estleback 'associate', and invited to attend meetings like our members so we can assess if you would be a good fit for the clan.

Estleback Operatives are expected to work in different areas to accomplish our goals of prosperity.

Whilst we focus on peace, this sometimes requires some "peacekeeping intervention". 

After you are deemed a good fit, you are part of the organization, and become a Field Operative. Here, if you want to, you will be given a choice to join a specialization route of your choosing, where you will work with a member of the governance to reach certain objectives.


Senior Field Operative [SFO]: For senior members and/or those in higher responsibilities. These members have the ability to take charge during events if required.

Field Operative [FO]: The rank an employee is promoted to when the governance and SFOs feel an associate has proved their loyalty. Operatives are now given a chance to specialize into a certain area.

Applicant: An unofficial rank stating your 'association' with us - you aren't yet part of the organization. You are given this rank upon application, which will allow us to see how you would fit in with the clan.


Director - Noah Grayson - [FL] MasterNoda | Q3-2020 - Current | Security Clearance 5 ~
Deputy Director - James Fegan - [FL] Lewwings | Q3-2021 - Current | Security Clearance 4 ~
Director of Management - Boris Johnson - [FL:T] Zhe_Boonan | Q4-2021 - Current | Security Clearance 3 ~
Director of Development - Edgar Halliwax - [FL:RP] Equinox | Q4-2021 - Current | Security Clearance 3 ~
Chief Field Officer - Jeremy Curtis - [FL] TheSiphon | Q1-2021 - Current | Security Clearance 3 ~

Previous Directors
Founder | Ex-Director - Anthony Válaris - Floodify | Q1 2013 - Q2 2017
Ex-Director - Steve Burwin - Link | Q2 2017 - Q3 2020

~~ Non-governance employees are not listed ~~

Public Opening Hours

We provide opening hours to allow members of the public to contact us in person.

These hours can be used for:
  • Joining the organization (see 'apply to Estleback')
  • Inquiring about the organization
  • Hiring the organization
  • Meeting with governance members

Apply to Estleback

We are always open to new members.

Upon joining, you will be placed in our security division. Here, you will be partaking in peacekeeping and security efforts.

You will also have the option (if you choose) to specialize in one of two areas:
  • Engineering - Works with the director of development to help realize development projects.
  • Media - Works with the governance to help realize advertising projects.

The Application Process

To join the organization, please fill out the following application and send an private message to our Director of Management Lewwings:

Spoiler: Application Form
OOC Name:
Steam Profile:
Server Hours:
Preferred Communication (Discord/ForumPM etc):

The application process will consist of a short in game in-character and ooc interview.

If this initial screening deems you to be a good fit for the organization, you will be invited to take part in our events.

Once there is no question that you are a good fit for the organization and connect with the company values, you will become a field operative.

Hire Estleback

Whether it be large or small, our industry leading security force offers protection for your establishment.

Previous non-Estleback event security details include:
To arrange a security detail, please contact a director.

Civilian Tips

To help us in our objective of eliminating threads from Evocity, you can submit tips to the director of the corporation, MasterNoda

Tips could include the:
  • name
  • bases
  • operation times*
  • activities
  • leader
of criminal organizations operating in Evocity.


Currently we do not have any allies, although notable allies have been:
  • Shadow Associates Agency
  • Multi National United
  • Slyfox Security Corporation

If you are interested in an alliance, then please contact the Director with a motivation and a brief explanation of what your company is and intends to do.


Spoiler :
What is Estleback?
Estleback is mini-community of like minded individual within the FearlessRP community, who come together to run an RP sessions usually revolving around peacekeeping or citizen living enhancement.

What do you do at Estleback?
Even though we are branded as a peacekeeping organization, we still do multiple things, from security, to politics and hospitality. With us, there will always be a new avenue to explore.

Do all of your dupes lag the server?
Some of our dupes used to, yes. However, we have created new guidelines and policies to ensure that our new dupes cause minimal lag. This is now easier to achieve as our new engineering team are more resourceful and efficient with their props and building techniques, and new tools have been added such as the 'prop resizer'.

Is this a serious RP clan?
No, but it is on the more serious side of the semi-serious scale. This means we expect professionalism.

Are the members in the upper management rough?
No. We wish to provide a relaxed and fun atmosphere. If you believe someone is taking it a bit too seriously, you are well within your right to contact someone higher up and talk to them about it. In game, we do tend to be strict, as it aligns with our RPs. On our Discord however, both during and after RPs, it is about having a good time.

What will happen if I don't attend an event?

But we do ask that you let us know in advance if you're going to come to a planned event or not.

This is done easily in a few seconds on our discord server, by clicking an appropriate reaction.

The reason we are so persistent about this is because it helps management get events ready, and know if we should call the event off if most of our members can't make it. We sometimes work for hours setting something up, so it is extremely disappointing when people don't turn up. "These things, they take time." - Gabe Newell

When Can I Expect to Hear Back About My Application?
Shortly after you contact us.

You will be added to the Estleback Applicant Discord, where we will give you information about our next events. You will have to attend at least one of these events before we consider you as a potential candidate. We aim to have at least 2 events per week, so this wait should be short. You will likely hear information about your application in the next event you attend to.

Looks very nice , good luck!
Thanks! Smile
Kind Regards,
Reminded me of Umbrella.

Good luck.
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(01-05-2013, 08:38 PM)Equalizer Wrote: Reminded me of Umbrella.

Good luck.

Yeah well, we have the same alignment...

I'm going to try people to know that this is my own clan, my own creation, and not make people think that I copied Umbrella Corp. just because we are striving for the same thing...
Kind Regards,
Unofficial tag added to your clan.

An incredibly detailed set-up and very professional clan page. Get some members and routinely roleplay and you may become official.
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(01-06-2013, 10:18 AM)Adman Wrote: Unofficial tag added to your clan.

An incredibly detailed set-up and very professional clan page. Get some members and routinely roleplay and you may become official.

Thank you! Smile
Kind Regards,
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Looks very, very organized.

Only... 10 bans maximum? Seems a bit high...
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I have to say, this clan looks really nice and organized!
Also checked out the site, which looks really good aswell!
Well done, Myfloodify!
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The things in life that we don't plan or scheme, usually come to determine who we are.
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(01-06-2013, 03:52 PM)Doomdude1 Wrote: Looks very, very organized.

Only... 10 bans maximum? Seems a bit high...

I do agree with that, I will reduce max time! Thanks!

(01-06-2013, 04:05 PM)Basw007 Wrote: I have to say, this clan looks really nice and organized!
Also checked out the site, which looks really good aswell!
Well done, Myfloodify!

Thank you! Smile


Max bans reduced to 7.
Kind Regards,

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