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What do you collect?
Vinyls and CDs
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Gypsy tears

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I collect old hardware.

In the small town I live in there are quite some old people that needs help with their PC. I often go there and fix it. (Mostly cleaning up virusses, updating software and making it a bit faster)
Sometimes they ask me to help them buying a new PC/laptop. Their old laptop/PC is no longer used and I would take it.

I like to give the old laptops a new life. For example an old laptop which can barely run Windows 10, could easily run Debian and could be used to perform small task like hosting local files/movies and stream them in my home network.

I also like to go to thrift shops and buy second hand computers there for a few bucks. Last year I bought a laptop with an I7 processor and 8GB for 50 dollar because the motherboard was burnt out. I ordered a new motherboard from China and got myself a great compact laptop for 80 dollar.

Collecting wires and connectors is something I do as well. I have a huge box of a great amount of different cables. Sometimes people come to me and ask if I have that cable (which I mostly have)
I have all kind of cables from all types of phones. All kinds of PC cables, from VGA to Serial and from IDE to SATA. I've had many situation where I was lucky to find a cable in my box that was put into use again.
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