Armored Hummer
This would NOT add any DL Content.

The suggestion is an armored hummer, the same model but bullets do no damage.

The Vehicle would cost around : $2,000,000

Why the price? People with access to a bullet-proof vehicle must have the cash for it. Arguing about the price is not debatable, unless your a part of the admin team. This vehicle would allow...

> BankRP : having armored money transport cars

> ClanRP : better hummers for organized groups/clans.

> PresidentRP : More Realistic, the wealthy presidents could afford this.

> SWAT : Again, could be used by SS or people RPing as swat.

> More RP, just think about it.

Its worth adding! Support it?
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+ Support as long as it didn't add any download content. I guess. Seems a bit unneeded though.
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- support cops already have enough problems catching drivers in cars and people will just break fearrp and stay in the car. Unless make it only possible to shoot through windows
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Minges are everywhere, doubt they would buy a 2mill car.
I'm pretty sure if you spent hours and hours on a server to get 2M, you would want to show it off and not get banned for being a minge/breaking FearRP.

+support for car
+support for the window shooting
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- Support.

I'm not going to spend 2M on the exact same model of a Hummer but just with bullet proof windows.

I'm rarely shot at in my car any ways, also people could get confused with which model is the Bulletproof one and which isn't.
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Not just bulletproof windowst tandem. Bulletproof everything.
And that's the point of it all isn't it? Think Blackwater. Armored SUVs. Does it appear like that at first glance?

+support for the idea and the price. Could also slow it down a bit too, since it is mostly steel plates and kevlar.
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Exactly! Blackwater, PMC's, bullet proof everything is realistic.

Everyone gets shot, maybe you just hang around the goody goodies.
It would be some-what realistic.

+ Support
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Would be EXTREMELY overpowered, and in reality have very little use beyond just ignoring cops when they say get out of the car.
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