[DENIED] NLR break
Your name: HanzA (ingame ^5f^6L^5aworz^6#^0HanzA[n])

Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:30596455

Banning Admin: Sniperwolf

Ban Length:1 week

Reason for the ban: NLR

Why we should unban you:
I never returned to the place where i died + i saw a cop that was stealing MY car.
Xzizt was a passenger in the car when it got hijacked.
I already explained this to your friend Xyltezx - who seems to be involved in ALL these things lately.

Right, you were driving towards a cop, so he shot at you and you died. Someone stole the cops car, so he FULLY RP'd comendeering a car to drive to the tunnel. After literally 5 seconds after you respawned, you fired an AWP at the cop.

You then followed him to the town going "geoooooooooorge" with your friends. Being a complete noob.

You've been banned before, thats why its a week.

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