Steam Name: silly0billy

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:36766212

BanID: 84003

Ban Reason
Threatning to DDOS server, Not here to use FL services as intended

Staff Member: Steven8ken

Involved users

Why should you be unbanned?

Hello all,

My client wishes merely to be unbanned from the Fearless Roleplay gaming network, he understands not everyone is perfect in this world and sometimes mistakes can happen. This is why my client believes in second chances and that what he did was knowingly wrong but has learnt from his mistakes and shall not repeat the offence. 

As the server is no longer active I believe my client no longer poses a threat to the wider Fearless Roleplay community. On these grounds I see it fit that my client should further have his ban revoked and allow him free rein back into the Fearless society.

To better allow you to understand the situation and the offence my client committed I have complied a transcript of the event.

silly0billy: What the actual fuck, SoulRipper? Why the hell do you keep ruining the damn roleplay? You can't just run around shooting everyone!

SoulRipper: Are you fucking kidding me, silly0billy? It's a goddamn game! If I want to go on a rampage, I will. Stop being such a fucking crybaby about it.

silly0billy: It's not about being a crybaby, you dipshit. There's a storyline we're all trying to follow. You barging in and killing everyone for no reason just messes everything up!

SoulRipper: Maybe if your storylines weren't so fucking boring, I wouldn't feel the need to spice things up. Ever think about that, genius?

silly0billy: Fuck off with that bullshit. Just because you can't handle a bit of actual roleplay doesn't mean you need to act like a five-year-old with a toy gun. Grow the fuck up.

SoulRipper: Oh, like your idea of roleplay is any better? Running around playing house like a bunch of fucking toddlers? Yeah, real mature, buddy.

silly0billy: At least we're actually sticking to the theme of the server, unlike your dumb ass. If you want to play Call of Duty, go play that and leave us the fuck alone.

SoulRipper: Maybe if the admins weren't such dickheads about everything, I'd consider it. But nah, they let boring fucks like you run the show, so I have to make my own fun.

silly0billy: The admins are strict because of assholes like you. If you can't follow the rules, then don't fucking play here. Simple as that.

SoulRipper: Oh, I'll play here alright. And I'll play however the fuck I want. If you can't handle a little chaos, then maybe you should find a new server.

silly0billy: The only chaos here is you. Everyone else is trying to enjoy themselves, and you keep fucking it up. How about you just leave and let us have a good time?

SoulRipper: How about you kiss my ass, silly0billy? I'm here to stay, and I'll do whatever the hell I want. Deal with it.

silly0billy: You're a fucking cancer to this server, you know that? No one wants you here. Just fuck off already.

SoulRipper: Cry me a river, you whiny little bitch. I'm not going anywhere. Get used to it.

silly0billy: You know what? If you don't stop this shit, I'm gonna DDoS the server. See how you like that, asshole.

SoulRipper: Are you fucking serious right now? You're threatening to DDoS my server because you can't handle a little in-game chaos?

silly0billy: Wait, your server? You're the fucking owner?

SoulRipper: Damn right I am. So go ahead, try to DDoS it. See how far that gets you.

silly0billy: You're still ruining the game for everyone! Owner or not, you should play by the rules!

SoulRipper: My server, my rules. If you don't like it, there's the door. Don't let it hit you on the way out.

Steven8ken: Alright, that's enough. Silly0billy, threatening to DDoS the server is a serious offense. You're banned.

silly0billy: What the fuck? Are you kidding me? This is bullshit!

SoulRipper: Haha, serves you right, you little shit.

Steven8ken: Take it up on the forums if you want, but you're done here. Bye.

silly0billy: Fuck this. Enjoy your shitty server, you power-tripping assholes.

As you can see SoulRipper was actually provoking the entire situation from the beginning. For this reason I believe my client should be unbanned with immediate effect.

I rest my case.

Dr Alfred Chadwick P.h.D
Lawyer & Director
Alfred Chadwick Lawyer Services
Union Innovation Laboratories
UBRs must be posted by the banned user, we only allow exceptions on a case-by-case basis (for example, where a forum account is also banned). This doesn't appear to be serious anyway.

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