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Steam Name: Bulldog

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:96515486

BanID: 83716

Ban Reason

Staff Member: Violet

Involved users

Why should you be unbanned?
Posting On Behalf Of Bulldog


So I want to apologize for having DA’s and playing on the server while my account is permanently banned. I do not want to justify my actions nor say that I had any right to do them, as there is an obvious logical reason to not evade your current ban.

So a bit about me. I joined back in 2013, and that was where I was first introduced to Fearless by friends. I was known as 99 problems. After a 5-year break, I rejoined back in 2020. I joined with my last old DA after almost a year and I really regret it. I will not create or make any more DA's, as I feel there is no point. Going back was primarily just to see the updates and have a good time. As far as my beef with Violet, it’s very silly looking back at it. I felt bitter due to the blacklists I got, but overall I have no hard feelings towards her anymore.

One thing, with my utter respect there was one DA ban that I had no associate with, as regards to you believing me is solely up to the admins from back then. I saw the individual while I was on one of my DA’s and believed it was “husky”, if that helps. (

I can definitely feel that I’ve matured a lot since, I don’t see the point in breaking rules and being mad at someone for silly reasons.

Best regards,
Hey Bulldog,

Thanks for posting a UBR, I'm going to bring this up with the rest of the team and will get back to you.
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Hello Bulldog!


After a lot of discussing the team has decided to give you a chance because we feel like you have truly changed and is genuinley interested in playing on the server and do right by yourself. You are however not going to be unbanned right away, your ban is going to be reduced to a month as a repercussion of your recent DAing.

Welcome back to the community!
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