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Don't usually make these posts, but I just wanted to express my excitement towards the merch store. Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm a fashion enthusiast; I absolutely dig the pink cap. This is also an opportunity to capitalise off of FL's rich history, with potentially really unique and meaningful (to some) designs.

Also a great way of raising some (though, unfortunately not as much as advertised - print on demand afaik has small margins) capital to go towards development.

Keep it up team!

Kind Regards,

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Nice try... might get some sales... margin will be better than you think... perhaps 25% of total
Yo conn whats the girls insta you paid to be posing like that in Garrys mod merch ask her if she fancies a few drinks x
Indeed small margins but if the community wants the merch, it's there Smile No pressure to buy it, hence the fact we haven't advertised it particularly.
Full credit to livkx on the merch store. It's a small thing that no one needs, but some people might enjoy. I think it'd be cool to work on some more special, personal designs in the future (FL drops???)

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When do we get the boxers in stock?
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Are we getting enamel mugs as well? I fancy the mug, but I'm not sure about ceramic. Will still buy it though.
~ Equinox ~
I want a fucking mouse mat.
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I bought a cool looking stealth cap
Kind Regards,

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Basically right now we’re limited to 5 products maximum. We could offer hundreds of cool designs and products but it would require us to pay a monthly fee for the upgraded version of our store service. Unfortunately the margins on print-to-order are really thin, and it would mean we’d need a load of orders in order to make that viable, which is something we’re not expecting at all. So right now the merch store is more just a “if you want something nice quality, showing off the FL brand and supporting the community, go for it”.

Any orders are obviously appreciated from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for supporting Conn’s yacht aspirations.

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