Gamemode Make government radio voice changer optional
Title of Suggestion: Make government radio voice changer optional

Make the radio effect voice changer for the government radio optional.

There are many people where the radio voice changer makes their voices unintelligible or very difficult to understand. It would be better to give people the option. 

At the moment the voice radio is unusable for some who are quieter because the radio effect just garbles it completely if you're not speaking loudly which isn't really an option for some who live with other people.
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It's nice to have to be able to distinguish between in person and radio easily however the effect feels too strong at the moment. I'd prefer if it were toned down but not removed outright.

Cant hear things anyways so I just mute it lol
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We changed the effect recently which is likely why it may be worse, we can try put it back to what it was as it had less static before or even maybe another effect.
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Let us revert it first and then let me know if it's still too garbled
Definitely needs less static. I can't hear a word people say
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+support. if it cant become a client side toggle. just remove it. some players are impossible to understand
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I don't think you should be able to remove the static.
But if the static is too much - why not make a slider to lower it or something?
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I think the effect should stay but be toned down. What it was originally before the most recent sound change was cool enough. Maybe the beeps before/after and some slight static to differentiate from normal voices around you.

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